This weekend on December 12th, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is hosting a virtual holiday gala for the animal advocacy group's 40th anniversary, celebrating four decades of fighting animal abuse. During the celebration, PETA is honoring a few important names that have been integral in the fight for animal rights. One such name is Jermaine Dupri, legendary Grammy-award-winning music producer, longtime vegan, and now the recipient of PETA's Humanitarian Award, which will be presented by his good friend Mariah Carey.

Durpri Parntered with PETA to Serve a Vegan Thanksgiving to Families in Need. Photo Credit: Matt Pendry
Dupri Partnered with PETA to Serve a Vegan Thanksgiving to Families in Need. Photo Credit: Matt Pendry

Dupri has previously starred in PETA's "Feel the Beats, Lose the Meats" campaign, and has partnered with the organization to help bring a plant-based Thanksgiving to those in need in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

Currently, Dupri serves as the Creative Director here at The Beet, sharing his knowledge and experience with plant-based living to help people around the globe transition to a healthier, environmentally-friendly, kinder way of life.

"When I became vegan it translating into something like this was never a thought. Me wanting to be healthy and feel better about myself, I never knew would inspire so many. So getting this award is so unexpected and amazing at the same time," Dupri told The Beet.

The event will also include special appearances by Sir Paul McCartney, Patrick Mahomes, Dolly Parton, Alec Baldwin, Casey Affleck, Pamela Anderson, Joaquin Phoenix, and Bill Maher. PETA will match any donations made up to $350,000. The event will include celebrity award presentations, entertainment, stories of animal rescues, a virtual gift and coupon suite, real gift boxes, and a silent auction.

To learn more about PETA's 40th Anniversary Holiday Gala and purchase tickets, click here.

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