Eat Just, maker of JUST Egg, and Beyond Meat joining forces to make a vegan breakfast item sounds like a plant-based power couple. What if you add California’s beloved Peet’s Coffee to the mix? Well, then you get the Everything Plant-Based Sandwich. We're ready to line up.

Peet’s Coffee will launch this delicious new breakfast sandwich as part of its 2021 Spring menu. A plant-based take on the classic breakfast, the sandwich will feature a savory Beyond Breakfast Sausage patty seasoned with herbs and spices, Folded JUST Egg, and gooey, melted, plant-based cheddar on an everything bagel thin.

This collaboration marks yet another deal for Beyond Meat, following the partnerships with McDonald’s, Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut. “Together, we are increasing accessibility and providing more choice to help meet the growing consumer demand for delicious plant-based options,” said Tim Smith, VP of Foodservice Sales, Beyond Meat.

Peet's New Everything Sandwich is Better for You and the Environment

Not only does JUST Egg use 98 percent less water, have 93 percent smaller carbon footprint and use 86 percent less land than conventional animal sources, but it also packs in just as much protein as its chicken counterpart. In fact, the Everything Plant-Based Sandwich boasts a whopping 21 grams of protein.

The trio is leading the charge in introducing a product that is 100% vegan, not just offering substitutes here and there. “Peet’s Coffee isn’t just satisfied with checking the box on plant-based,” said Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of Eat Just. “They understand the importance of delivering a high-quality, delicious offering for their consumer, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.”

The Everything Plant-Based Sandwich will make its debut on March 3rd at participating Peet’s Coffee locations across the US. Whether you start every day with a breakfast sandwich or save it for a weekend treat, Peet’s Coffee has the perfect plant-based choice for you.

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