Shoppers continue to distance themselves from brands and stores that sell real fur causing big names like Patagonia and The North Face to abandon the material for faux versions. Another big name banning the sale of fur is the New York sporting retailer Paragon Sports.

After re-evaluating shoppers' needs, Paragon Sports announced they will no longer sell fur items starting in the winter of 2020. The family-owned store, which has been in business since 1908, is known for selling athletic equipment and clothing for activities such as biking, yoga, basketball, etc. The one exception Paragon Sports is making to the ban on fur policy is that the store will continue to sell "ethically-sourced" sheep fur products.

The ban of fur in Paragon Sports leads to one major and pricey brand no longer being sold: Canada Goose. The controversial brand is always under fire for its outerwear that features fur from wild coyotes and down from geese.

The company has been exposed numerous times by organizations like PETA, who have protested Paragon Sports for the sale of fur, are now thrilled with its new policy.  “As Canada Goose struggles and fails to change its cruel image, PETA looks forward to seeing Paragon’s racks finally free of the brand’s fur-trimmed coats,” says Tracy Reiman, PETA Executive Vice President.

Canada Goose pledged by 2022 that the company will only use "reclaimed fur," which is fur that is leftover or was used on a product that didn't sell. Critics believe this isn't solving any problems since it is still technically real fur, and customers would rather purpose fur-free products. Forbes reported Canada Goose sales were down 63% prior to coronavirus and continue to suffer in comparison to last year's sales at this time.

As brands continue to meet the consumer needs of fur-free wardrobes, an increase of vegan products continues. "Stock of “vegan” products has increased by 258 percent across the UK and US in 2019," according to Vogue Business. From clothes to makeup to skincare, consumers' have added vegan and cruelty-free as a must-have when shopping.

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