We love Oreos and we love Lady Gaga, and now America's favorite cookie has teamed up with America's powerful superstar to create a new cheerful vegan flavor that you'll be sure to love even more than the original: A  cookie inspired by the singer's newest album, Chromatica.  The vanilla-flavored Oreos boasts neon green cream filling between light pink wafers, which are vanilla flavored, in a bright pink package.

Twist off the pink cookie top, which is embossed with designs influenced by the album, and lick at the creamy green vanilla filling, and Watch Gaga's sneak preview in the video below.

Here's when you can order the Lady Gaga Oreos

Starting in January, the new Oreos will be available in six-cookie packs, while the regular-sized packs of the Chromatica cookies will arrive later next year. This Gaga edition is only available for a limited time, so mark your calendars.

If you want the cookies ahead of time, sign up for the Lady Gaga x OREO Stan Club to get notified when the pull packs release. Oreo explains the first 1,000 subscribers will get a free pack of cookies.

Enter to win free Gaga merchandise and a possible meet and greet with the star

In addition to the newest collaboration, Oreo is launching a campaign on Sing It With Oreo, encouraging consumers to send their loved ones "OREO-grams" or upbeat musical messages, to bring joy to their day.  Sign on to Sing It With Oreo to get started.

Package of Oreo cookies with hot pink packaging, that says ‘Lady Gaga.’ It is ripped to reveal pink and green Oreos insideStep on stage and enter Sing It With Oreo (opening December 15th) and you will be entered to win free Lady Gaga merchandise including tickets and a meet and greet with the artist (depending on COVID-19 guidelines).

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