OPI just announced its first vegan nail lacquer line, developing 30 new hues in both shimmer and creme finishes. The company’s Nature Strong products provide consumers with a completely cruelty-free nail polish option with a top coat sourced from plant-based ingredients. The innovative vegan product line uses sugar cane, wheat, potatoes, and manioc instead of the conventionally toxic ingredients that conventional nail products contain.

“We could say the beauty landscape is changing, but let's be real, it already has,” the company wrote regarding its new product on its blog. “Natural and clean products are no longer a nice-to-have in the industry, they are an expectation, and clients are becoming savvier and savvier in nail health. What does that mean? They’re conscious of what ingredients go into their products, so it’s no surprise that this has become a global obsession that’s growing rapidly.”

Natural elements such as water, flowers, sunshine, vegetables, and fruits inspired the 30 new polishes, highlighting the natural and environmental core of this new line. The naturally inspired lien of polishes come in styles including Simply Radishing (subtle mauve), Make My Daisy (bright yellow), We Canyon Do Better (pastel pink), and Spring Into Action (light purple).

OPI intends to connect its consumers with the environmental motivators that influenced the vegan line. Nature Strong is OPI’s attempt to connect its consumers to non-toxic ingredients that better the environment and minimize animal cruelty within the industry. The company acquired certification from The Vegan Society to ensure that its new product would be completely cruelty-free.

The fast-drying nail polishes will last seven days, and consumers can purchase any of the 30 styles for $11.50 a bottle. The company’s first vegan range will be available in the United States initially, but will eventually become available worldwide. OPI currently distributes its products across more than 100 countries.

Typically, nail polish brands use several animal-derived products to manufacture certain sheens and colors. Some ingredients from animal sources include carmine made from ground-up cochineal bugs for red hue; guanine sourced from fish scales to create a metallic sheen; and shellac made from the female lac bug to perfect sheen. Other polishes use animal fat to create thicker styles. OPI aims to shift the cosmetic industry away from animal-derived ingredients, meeting the rising demand for plant-based beauty products.

OPI's launch follows several other cosmetic companies' decisions to include environmentally-conscious and cruelty-free lines. Popular beauty company Sally Hansen debuted its first vegan nail polish line in 2019 at Targets nationwide. Sally Hansen's Good. Kind. Pure collection boasts an ingredient list that removes harmful chemicals including formaldehyde, phthalates, and parabens. The line features 30 nature-inspired hues including Beet It and Coconut Milk. The collection is available nationwide for $7 a bottle.

A report from Future Market Insights found that the vegan cosmetics market will experience extreme and rapid growth between 2020 and 2023. The report forecasts that the plant-based cosmetic market will reach $20 billion in the next five years. The increased popularity has inspired several brands to adopt plant-based ingredients and promote a more cruelty-free industry.


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