This World Pizza Day the British are coming: The UK-based plant-based pizza company One Planet Pizza has teamed up with the dairy giant Norseland to develop a plant-based pizza to celebrate. World Pizza Day takes place on February 9th and in recent years, plant-based consumers have seen a flood of plant-based pizza enter the market, making sure that the delicious holiday can be celebrated by everyone with any diet. One Planet Pizza is introducing a new pizza that features Norseland’s Applewood Vegan-- an increasingly popular dairy-free cheese made with only plant-based ingredients that pull and melt just like traditional cheese. The product is promised to give vegan pizza consumers the taste of authentic pizza, providing a creamy, cheesy bite without the use of any animal products.

One Planet Plant-Based Pizza Now Features Applewood Vegan Cheese

“We are delighted to be working with One Planet Pizza in this collaboration, which will see all of their pizzas topped with the deliciously smoky and multi-award-winning Applewood Vegan,” Norseland Senior Brand Manager Lisa Harrison said. “It’s such a versatile cheese and perfect for pizza as it has the ‘M’ factor–it melts like real cheese and keeps delicious smoky flavor throughout–even when melted. The new branding looks fantastic and the pizzas taste incredible so we are sure they will be a huge hit with consumers!”

Norseland released its Applewood Vegan last year, a huge step for the dairy giant into the plant-based market. With the growing demand for vegan cheese, dairy companies around the world are planning pivots to produce alternatives. The partnership with One Planet Pizza marks a move into a more sustainable option. One Planet Pizza’s goal is seeded in the hopes that larger companies and the food industry as a whole will take note of these growing trends.

The global vegan cheese market is worth an estimated $2.5 billion. By riding that wave, the British company plans to invade the global frozen pizza market as a healthier, more environmentally-friendly option to traditional frozen pies. The company is founded under the idea that the food it creates should benefit the planet. The owners, Joe and Mike Hill, want to serve pizza with purpose, and further the global plant-based conversation. The father and son co-founders hope that the partnership with Norseland will inspire other businesses to invest or at least pay attention to the plant-based market.

As plant-based trends continue to rise, so does One Planet Pizza: The company prepared for World Pizza Day by announcing its second round of funding, raising £340,000 which will give its production capacity some serious momentum. This month, pizza fans will be able to enjoy Norseland’s Applewood Vegan on every pie option that One Planet Pizza offers.

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