Remember the days when it was cool to sport a milk mustache and athletes starring in the “Got Milk?” campaign. Now, the times they are a’changin’, as Bob Dylan sang: As we heard from our friends over at Totally Vegan Buzz, athletes and Olympians alike are now starring in an advertising campaign to draw attention to the health dangers of dairy.

The new commercials come courtesy of a nonprofit health advocacy group that speaks out against dairy consumption, Switch4Good. Founded by cyclist Dotsie Bausch, seven-time USA Cycling National Champion and Olympic silver medalist, her organization has become a powerful platform for extolling the benefits of living a dairy-free life.

The three new PSA campaigns feature some serious athletic heavy hitters, including MLB former second baseman Chase Utley, former NFL linebacker Derrick Morgan, former professional soccer star and three-time Olympic gold medalist Heather Mitts, former competitive swimmer and six-time Olympic medalist Rebecca Soni, and others, along with Bausch herself and vegan advocate and Ultraman triathlon athlete Rich Roll.

In the ads, athletes talk about their personal experience in ditching dairy along with sharing some of the health woes associated with consuming dairy and the negative environmental impact of the dairy industry. Watch below:

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Share with us: Was it hard for you to give up dairy? What’s your favorite dairy-free indulgence these days?

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