Now It Will Be Even Easier to Find Plant-Based Meats at Kroger

|Updated Dec 22, 2019

With overall sales of plant-based meat approaching $1 billion a year and no signs of slowing down in the near future,  supermarket chain Kroger decided to create a Plant-Based meat section to see if helping shoppers find what they're looking for would help boost sales.

According to research firm Food Marketing Institute (FMI), plant-based meats comprise $878 million in annual sales or about 100gh of the $90 billion annual meat market. Retailer Kroger and the Plant-Based Foods Association (PBFA) are experimenting with this to see if consumers would purchase even more plant-based products if they had them all readily available and on display together. To find out more, Kroger and PBFA are partnering for an in-store display test, with three-foot plant-based meat sets added to the meat departments in 60 Kroger stores in Denver, Indiana, and Illinois. For the full story, read this issue of