Behind closed doors, Nestlé is set to release a new version of a fan-favorite chocolate bar, reformulating the KitKat so it's available for all eaters by making it totally vegan. The information first came from Plant-Based News, which reported that the insider organization Vegan Food UK made an Instagram post, revealing that Nestlé has secretly developed a new plant-based friendly KitKat bar, clearly labeled as “vegan” on the packaging. One of the biggest worries for plant-based eaters with chocolate bars can be the milk-chocolate base, so Nestlé will provide a dairy-free treat.

Vegan Food UK has only confirmed that the chocolate bar will hit the British markets, but with Nestle’s move towards plant-based alternatives, it won't be long until the United States sees the product on shelves. “We can’t say our source, but Vegan KitKats are coming to the UK market,” the organization wrote on Instagram.

The vegan Kitkat won’t be the first product Nestlé's re-engineered for a plant-based audience: The Swiss company launched vegan condensed milk in the UK, and now can be found on shelves around the country in Morrisons and Tescos. The plant-based condensed milk is made from oat and rice flour, and it gives people who love Nestlé's classic Carnation condensed milk a perfect substitute.

“It has been a challenge for vegans to find a suitable alternative to make dairy or caramel-based sweet treats or desserts, without having to compromise on taste, texture, or appearance,” Nestlé's marketing lead for Dairy Brands UK Vittoria Simms said.

Plant-based alternatives for dairy and meat products continue to grow at a rapid speed: This consumer trend is now moving to indulgences. The vegan KitKat signals the potential for all candy-bars to move towards a healthier, more sustainable recipe.

Although Nestlé is leading the way with plant-based alternatives, many vegans boycott the business, citing questionable business practices. The Swiss company admitted that it allowed forced labor practices in its supply chain, and faces accusations that its business practices allow child labor, condone unethical water mining, and have contributed to deforestation. Hopefully, Nestle's move towards more plant-based alternatives like the vegan KitKat bar also signifies a shift to more sustainable practices as a company.

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