Professional basketball star Scottie Pippen just revealed his vegan popcorn Husk Organics, developed in partnership with chef RC Mills. The NBA legend and esteemed chef teamed up to create this superfood snack to highlight the importance of healthy and plant-based eating when snacking. Pippen’s snack is marketed as a healthier option than conventional popcorn and specifically compared to other popular snack foods.

“I think we’ve created something very good and very special and healthy,” Pippen told People magazine. “We have something that we think that every kid should love, and that’s eating his vegetables and eating something that’s healthy. We think we’ve really hit a home run with Husk.”

Pippen’s popcorn will be available in six flavors including Yacon and Tumeric, Kale and Broccoli, Spirulina and Dragon Fruit, Matcha and Coconut Water, Moringa, and Cayenne and Ginger. The snack only uses vegan ingredients, hoping to enhance the nutritional value of the snack for consumers. The snacks are also gluten-free, GMO-free, and completely organic. Husk will hit shelves on July 6th, bringing all six flavors to consumers nationwide.

“The thing we realized is that a lot of the snacks were salt/sweet, so to speak, and we like that,” Mills told People. “We enjoy salty [and] sweet snacks, but we wanted to create something in a totally different dynamic that will be a salty snack, but has some superfood ingredients. At least at the end of the day, when you have your serving of the popcorn, you won’t feel as though, ‘Hey, I just ate a salty [and] sweet snack and I feel like crap.’ When you eat this and you’ve finished, you’ll feel like, ‘Okay, that was good.’ It just gives you energy - the ingredients - at the end of the day.”

The health-forward snack took Mills and Pippen nearly two years of research and development. The two legends claim that while it took years and many trials to perfect the nutritional snack, they believe they created a snack that consumers nationwide will love and enjoy. Before Husk Organics, Mills worked to create the vegan popcorn brand VINPOP - a popcorn snack that uses wine as one of its primary ingredients and comes in flavors such as pinot noir, champagne, and chardonnay.

The six-time NBA champion credits his increased dietary switch to an increased focus on health and wellness in recent years. Even though he claims to have changed his diet he has yet to give a specific dietary label. Pippen, however, wants people everywhere to prioritize healthy snacks and eating, motivating him to develop this new superfood snack.

“This superfood snack is something I’m behind because I believe it,” Pippen said. “And I think it’s something that parents will be able to relate to, especially mothers who want to have their kids eat healthy snacks.

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