I am a hungry person. As I write this I have an opened bag of cashew nuts to the left of my computer. In fact, I seem to reach for salty snacks like nuts, chips, and popcorn as a "reward" for sitting at my table, computer open, hands typing as fast as my fingers can move across the keyboard—editing, writing, answering emails and sending proposals. I am one busy and productive worker-from-home, but unfortunately, I send some of that manic energy into putting things into my mouth with equal precision. Cashews, Blueberries, Almonds, Baked Chips and Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Fortunately, when it comes to meals, I take it light, plant-based, and not too complicated. The secret to the fact that I haven't gained about 100 pounds in the past ten days: Daily Harvest.

The product: DH's little cups of minimalist, easy-to-store plastic containers with cheerfully colored tops arrived on my doorstep just in time to save me from heavy pasta dinners or overly carb-rich lunches. The promise of "this is good for you, this is pre-portioned, and this is a whole plant-based food that will not make you feel logy" means I can pop open a smoothie in the morning or a grain bowl or soup at mid-day or dinner, blend (in the case of the smoothies), heat and serve, has me covered. My husband is chowing down on heavy pizza or burgers while I sit there, wine in hand and eat my DH meal and feel fully satisfied while still feeling healthy and light.

The latest from DH: They just added new packaging that is 100 percent compostable and recyclable, made from plant-based, renewable fiber that breaks down naturally instead of sitting in a landfill forever. They also added 50 percent more product to their soup and harvest bowls. (Good for us hungry people) but they took the portions down on the chia and oat bowls, which is fine because I never actually finished those since once you add in your oat, soy or almond milk, they are pretty filling.)

My only caveat: Read the instructions. I got a little too blithely full of myself and one time I put a grain bowl in the Nutribullet, added water and blended. It tasted well kind of like a salad that had been watered down and chopped too finely. In other words: total fail. This was not their fault. My redemption: when I heated up a grain bowl, then put it on a bed of baby spinach and added half an avocado, sliced, blending warm (quinoa and squash) to chilled (the spinach leaves and avocado slices) and had the most delectable lunch one could imagine. I patted myself on the back.

The verdict: I recommend DH to anyone who is looking for more simplicity (and deliciousness) at mealtime. I actually recommended DH to my team, and they each got their boxes just yesterday and today. Here is what they have to say about it. I say, snack on .... these meals are a life (and waist) saver!

Stephanie's take: I loved the variety of Daily Harvest options. I had previously only thought of the brand as a smoothie/soup delivery service but was pleasantly surprised to see an array of grain bowls, bites and lattes as well. The first dish I tried was the Cauliflower Rice + Pesto bowl which featured sun-dried tomatoes. It was fresh, delicious and super easy to make. Today, I woke up and made a Chaga + Chocolate Functional Latte, which was equally as easy: I just ran some hot water over one of the latte pods and blended the pod up in my bullet blender with a cup and a half of my favorite almond milk. It was frothy, indulgent and the perfect ritual to begin my day.

Another one of my favorite DH options is the Dragonfruit + Lychee Smoothie. Lychee is one of my all-time favorite fruits, and I regularly find myself craving it, but it can be harder to find in the grocery stores around me, especially in its freshest form and not in a can. This smoothie was tangy, creamy and blended up easily with some coconut water. It felt refreshing and like I was nourishing my body with minimal effort.

After sampling Daily Harvest I would definitely purchase it for myself. It's effortless and feels like you're doing well for your body. All of the ingredients are thoughtful and fresh and great on-the-go or at home. As someone who often lacks the motivation to cook an elaborate meal, even if I have plenty of time, DH seems like a great fit for my lifestyle, and I think it would enhance anyone's routine.


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