Your favorite dairy-free cheese is hitting the road. Miyoko’s Creamery is planning to give away 15,000 grilled cheese sandwiches made from its popular vegan cheeses and vegan butter from a food truck that will tour the U.S. starting March 4th. The tour is Miyoko's way to support the launch of its new cheddar and pepper jack slices.

The new vegan food truck will start its tour officially on March 4th at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, California. It's the largest natural food industry trade show in the U.S.

Founded by chef Miyoko Schinner, the brand is known for its creamy and umami cashew-based cheese wedges and spreads. It was the first major dairy-free cheese brand to use traditional fermentation and cheesemaking processes. The trend has caught on, replacing the once waxy, oily slices of processed vegan cheese. And the result is undeniable–Miyoko has earned a legion of adoring fans. It's now also gearing up for its foodservice launch as well.

It's So (Vegan) Cheesy

The dairy-free cheese brand recently released a video highlighting just how cheesy its products are. During a grilled cheese restaurant pop-up, the company captured customers who couldn’t tell the difference. it also pulled a similar stunt with the most discerning grilled cheese fans: kids.

The company is now making its first foray into oat-based products with the launch of cultured oat butter. Oat is already a hit in the nondairy milk market in large part due to the success of Swedish dairy-free milk brand Oatly.

Miyoko’s is setting off on a 17-city tour following the Natural Products Expo trade show. Its cheeses and butter are available at retailers nationwide.



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