While everyone is gearing up for the holidays, Miyoko Schinner is preparing to offer a helping hand to make plant-based cooking more accessible during the feast-heavy season. Schinner – the founder and owner of dairy alternative company Miyoko’s Creamery – announced an all-new YouTube channel that will feature acclaimed chefs cooking with Miyoko’s plant-based butter. The Vegan Butter Channel premiered on November 23, showcasing how Miyoko’s vegan butter melts, bakes, spreads, and works as a perfect substitute for any butter-heavy recipe.

The Vegan Butter Channel is slated to host three plant-based series that will prepare vegan meals using Miyoko’s butter, providing guidance for people nationwide preparing for the holiday cooking season. The three shows will provide recipes for baked goods and savory dinners in an effort to present Miyoko’s butter as a viable and sustainable counterpart to conventionally used animal-based butter.

“With The Vegan Butter Channel, people don‘t have to take my word for it – they can see vegan butter perform for themselves, and hopefully are inspired to cook some of these recipes – or variations – at home,” Miyoko Schinner said. “I created our vegan butter because as a chef and cookbook author, butter is the foundation of so much of my cooking and baking, so it was important that any vegan butter I use tastes and performs up to the highest standards.”

Miyoko’s new streaming channel will feature several acclaimed chefs preparing meals that will impress home viewers, but also provide guided explanations so home cooks can prepare vegan foods in their own kitchens. The first series, Making It Butter & Vegan, will host renowned chefs John Liu, Nicole Rucker, Richard Chang, and many more. The chefs will experiment with various cuisines and recipes, making butter-centric dishes easily vegan.

The second series is The Vegan Butter Academy, which focuses more on the fundamentals of cooking with butter. The show will provide details on how to properly incorporate Miyoko’s vegan butter into some familiar favorites alongside educational videos about expert techniques for the kitchen.

The final series is titled Phenomenally Vegan and will give insight about vegan butter directly from the source. Schinner will provide a cooking episode alongside several guests, with the show boasting the versatility of the vegan butter, and more importantly, why all consumers will love the taste and texture. The vegan butter is advertised as indistinguishable from its animal-based counterpart.

Miyoko’s fame stems from its signature vegan cheeses, developing several flavors to accommodate all consumers’ flavor palettes. Miyoko’s development has fueled the vegan dairy industry as consumers begin demanding more sustainable dairy options. One study from Grand View Research found that the current vegan cheese market was valued at $2.2 billion in 2020, and the figure is only expected to grow at an accelerated rate. The report projects that the vegan cheese market is expected to grow at a 12 percent CAGR from 2021 to 2028.

Miyoko’s recent success and expansion support these trends. The company recently secured $52 million during its Series C funding round. The investment package solidified Miyoko’s place in the spotlight of the alternative dairy industry. Beyond vegan cheese, the company is using the investment money to increase its product portfolio from butter to ice cream.

The company also plans to introduce a liquid vegan mozzarella that it intends to distribute to restaurants across the United States. Currently, the company is running trial runs with select pizzerias but aims to roll out the plant-based cheese substitute nationwide by next year.

Schinner continues to try and create space for plant-based eating, raising awareness of the nutritional and sustainable benefits of eating vegan. The vegan dairy icon also launched Wine Country 2.0 earlier this year, aiming to teach people about plant-based cheeses through the wine country experience. By breaking tradition, Schinner hopes to show people how accessible and tasty plant-based alternatives can be alongside all of the beneficial side effects. To check out the newest educational project from Schinner, visit The Vegan Butter Channel on YouTube.

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