The vegan cheese company Miyoko’s Creamery just debuted its lunchbox-oriented vegan cheese sticks. The Plant Milk Cheddar Sticks bring a familiar snacktime favorite to plant-based families, sourced completely from Miyoko’s Plant Milk made from coconut oil, oats, and chickpeas. The vegan cheese sticks also contain fava beans, hemp seed butter, and pineapple to enhance flavor profile and nutritional value.

“For a while now, parents have asked us when we’ll introduce more family-friendly snackable options, and we’re very excited to launch Vegan Cheddar Sticks,” founder and CEO of Miyoko’s Creamy Miyoko Schinner told VegNews. “These vegan cheese sticks allow us to continue on our promise of delivering all the goodness of plant milk and with no added flavors; they also have two grams of plant protein. Earlier this week, we gave our social media followers a sneak peek at the new Vegan Cheddar Sticks and the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.”

The product will be launching on Miyoko’s website this month before the product makes its retail debut. The company plans to begin distributing to Whole Foods Market initially this June and July, but soon after, other retailers across the nation will begin stocking the vegan cheese sticks. Miyoko's is aiming to release different flavors, providing a variety for the new plant-based lunchbox item alongside a “never before seen” vegan cheese. The cheese sticks are now available on the website for $4.99 per six-pack.

Miyoko’s Creamery has quickly become a fan favorite in the plant-based cheese and dairy industry. The company created a buzz when it opened a grilled cheese pop-up in San Francisco, serving free vegan grilled cheese using its dairy-free cheese and butter without letting on that the sandwich was vegan. Since then, the company’s success has accelerated and now Miyoko’s offers an extremely diverse catalog of products including nut-based cheese wheels, butter, multiple flavors of cheeses, and dairy-free cheese spreads.

The vegan cheese company is making strides to legitimize the plant-based dairy market, hoping to encourage US and global consumers to try plant-based foods. Earlier this month, Miyoko’s revealed its largest and most extravagant advertisement by taking over three electronic billboards in Times Square. The billboard advertisement reads the tagline “Milk Plants Hug Cows,” and will be running until June 2th7.

The company itself is extremely outspoken about its position in the market. Schinner has used her brand to advocate for vegan and social justice movements as well as to challenge the US government to focus on climate solutions especially regarding food production. From activism to lunchbox snacks, Miyoko’s is paving the way for plant-based dairy in a mission to promote its importance while also providing tasty vegan cheese for all consumers.

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