Boxing legend Mike Tyson says he’s “in the best shape ever” and credits his vegan diet and rigorous exercise routine for making it happen. Over the last decade, Tyson has been plant-based and explains how his vegan diet has completely changed his life for the better.

UPDATE: The New York Post just reported that Tyson might have a new chance to fight again. The former Champ is expected to be offered $20 million to spar in the  Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. So that would certainly make staying in shape worth it.

After retiring in 2005, Tyson was eating meat and drinking alcohol on a regular basis, he tells an interviewer. He was diagnosed as clinically obese in 2009 and told Totally Vegan Buzz, “I was so congested from all the drugs and bad cocaine, I could hardly breathe." Tyson also revealed in the interview, “I had high blood pressure, was almost dying, and had arthritis."

In 2010, Tyson transformed his diet and ditched the meat in favor of a plant-based lifestyle, which he has continued ever since. Her also is completely clean and sober now, something he is proud to tell fans. The former heavyweight champ says everything he is doing to change his life and turn his health around is for his kids and his wife.

The 53-year old warrior explains, "Turning vegan helped me eliminate all those problems in my life,” and adds, "I'm in the best shape ever." This kind of statement from such an iconic sports figure–that he is in better shape now than when he was competing and fighting and collecting belts and endorsements–is sure to get attention the world over and spur more plant-curious athletes to try it out.

“The power is a different level," says Tyson's new training coach.

Last week, Tyson posted an Instagram video boxing with his new coach, MMA trainer Rafael Cordeiro, and showed off his muscular body with fast-speed form that is helping him stay in shape during the lockdown.

Corderio also agrees that Tyson is in his best shape and compliments his punches: "He has the same power as a guy who is 21, 22-years old."

The trainer said he wasn't sure what to "expect from a guy who hasn’t hit mitts for – I think – almost ten years," Corderio told TalkSport. During the boxing session, Tyson clips together powerful punches so we can see his greatest moments. His trainer notes, "I held his right hook and thought ‘he is going to kill somebody’.” Watch the video to see for yourself, we wouldn't want to get behind any of those, even in full body armor gear.

"Becoming a vegan gave me another opportunity to live a healthy life," says Tyson

During an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2013, Tyson credits his plant-based diet for saving his life. He shared, "Well, my life is different today because I have stability in my life. I’m not on drugs. I’m not out on the streets or in clubs and everything in my life that I do now is structured around the development of my life and my family. I lost weight. I dropped over 100lbs and I just felt like changing my life, doing something different and I became a vegan."

“Becoming a vegan gave me another opportunity to live a healthy life. High blood pressure, almost dying, arthritis, and once I became a vegan all that stuff diminished.”

Tyson says he would love to back in the ring, so be prepared to see a difference

Before getting too ahead of ourselves and predicting Tyson's return to the ring, he hopped on T.I's Instagram live and hinted the idea.“I’ve been working out, I’ve been trying to get in the ring, I think I’m going to box some exhibitions and get in shape.

Tyson also said, “I want to go to the gym and get in shape to be able to box three or four-round exhibitions for some charities and stuff." It's clear that others should be nervous about the idea of Tyson's return, like professional boxer Ryan Garcia who commented on one of Tyson's posts, saying, "I got scared when you said I’m back 😂."

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