Congratulations to Lamb Chop, the winner of the World's Cutest Rescue Dog Contest!  People Magazine awarded this Maltese the prize out of 10,000 dogs competing for the same title. Lamb Chop's prize is a year's supply of dog food, a donation to animal rescue, and an appearance on Good Morning America.

Lamb Chop was born into a puppy mill and raised there for six years. Her toothless grin and tongue sticking out make her the sweetest puppy with personality. Sadly, Lamb Chop was mistreated at the puppy mill so she has medical issues and is deaf. Christian Schubert, Lamb Chop's owner says, "she tugged at my heart when I first saw her, so I knew she had potential."

If you want to adopt a pet, The Beet's guide on how to successfully adopt a dog during the pandemic is a good place to start. Below is a list of local and national animal shelters that can help you start searching for your forever friend:

  1. Bidawee
  2. The SATO Project
  3. Muddy Paw Rescue 
  4. Animal League 
  5. Heart and Bones Rescue 
  6. Korean K9 Rescue 
  7. Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue 

Show us your cute rescue pup! Submit a photo to our Facebook page or send us DM on Instagram and we will share the photo with our readers! Here's my rescue pup, Tillie!

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