Meatless Farm's latest ad will be hard to miss walking down U.K. streets: The meat alternative company launches a "provocative" ad campaign in Britain with new slogans featuring two words featuring asterisks–we'll let you infer what the brand means when it says, "M***F***."

The bold ad campaign is an effort to get more meat-eaters to eat alternatives like its plant-based burgers and sausages. “We felt the nation needed a bit of a lift as it’s been a tough time for everyone, so more than ever, we wanted to create something light-hearted and fun that consumers would remember when they are looking for alternatives to meat,” said Michael Hunter, Chief Growth Officer at Meatless Farm.

One of Meatless Farm's large ads features an older woman and reads, "Now That's a M**** F**** Burger." Brits will see the M*** F*** slogan on branded electric cars, billboards, bus signs as well as across social media platforms. Product packaging has also been rebranded with the slogan to fit the specific plant-based meat. Meatless Farm's plant-based sausage features "Now That's a M*** F*** Sausage!"

Meatless Farms is one of the fastest-growing plant-based brands in the U.K.

Meatless Farm is a popular meat alternative brand in the U.K., where eating vegan has become mainstream. A survey found 1 of 5 Brits say they have reduced their intake of meat throughout the pandemic, a rising trend also seen throughout the U.S. due to the spread of COVID-19.

Meatless Farms is considered one of the fastest-growing plant-based companies in the U.K. The plant-based minces and burgers are a crowd-favorite amongst consumers and are widely available at over 100 Tesco locations in the U.K. Meatless Farms recently expanded to the U.S. in 2019 and is sold in Whole Foods nationwide.

Plant-based products continue to be in high demand in the U.K. “Throughout lockdown, we’ve seen a surge in sales, with more and more Brits trying or considering making the swap to plant-based, even if it is just once a week," says Hunter. The number of vegan products registered for trademarks doubled last year becoming a record high.

The U.S. is experiencing a similar demand for plant-based products. Plant-based meat sales have surged 35% in the U.S. since the start of the pandemic. More people in the U.S. reached for plant-based meats in the past five months because of meat shortages and the pandemic motivated many to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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