Martha Stewart, the original domestic goddess and businesswoman, and Snoop Dogg, one of the most iconic American rappers, may be an unlikely pairing, but their friendship has flourished ever since the two linked up in 2008 on Martha's cooking show, and again in 2016's VH1 show Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party.

Now, in Martha's latest TV endeavor, she's continuing to broadcast her adoration for Snoop and their common bond for plant-based living by showing him how to grow his own plant-based food. While Snoop doesn't identify as fully vegan, he's a big supporter of Beyond Meat and even admitted to sneaking it into his family's homecooked dishes. Stewart is not explicitly vegan either but cooks many plant-forward dishes. But she enjoyed "growing" meatless meatballs in an ad for Subway last year.

In the premiere of HGTV's new show Martha Knows Best on Friday, July 31st, the duo is set to "explore the world of container gardens" and Stewart will "lend advice on herb gardening to Snoop Dogg."

In a prepared statement, Stewart said, "It was so much fun to shoot episodes of Martha Knows Best at my home and with some great friends and guests. I hope people will feel inspired to go outside and try some gardening projects of their own this summer.”

President of HGTV Jane Latman weighed in on the new show, saying, "In ‘Martha Knows Best,’ the incomparable Martha Stewart will give us a glimpse into life on her farm and show us the outdoor projects she’s worked on during the last few months. For most of us, summer is the time to flex our green thumbs and sharpen our do-it-yourself skills, so if you want great ideas that inspire you to get outside and get your hands dirty, this is the show for you.”

Tune in to Martha Knows Best on July 31st to see Stewart and Snoop Dogg talk about growing plant-based food. The show will also feature other A-list stars like Lupita Nyong'o, Jay Leno and designer Zac Posen.

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