Martha always knows best, so when she speaks about the potential of plant-based meat, the world listens. TV personality Martha Stewart discussed vegan meat during an interview with Fortune. For decades, Stewart has influenced home, lifestyle, and cooking trends, and now she’s taking a strong stance on plant-based foods and the potential they hold. She remarked on the world-altering possibilities of plant-based based alternatives, seeing the potential for infinite growth.

“I think [vegan meat] has a lot of potential. I have been an investor in Beyond Meat, and I’ve been trying the product for several years now,” Stewart said. “For vegetarians, for people who like the idea of a hamburger but don’t like the idea of meat, it is such a nice answer.”

As an investor in Beyond Meat, the cooking guru is directing attention to the benefits of sustainable alternatives. Stewart has also joined the board of directors of quick-service burger chain Burgerfi, which introduced the Beyond patty to its menus in 2017, providing an option for plant-based consumers. The company’s expanded plant-based menu shows both Burgerfi’s and Stewarts’ dedication to adding more meatless options. Stewart also claims that a Beyond patty from the restaurant inspired her to reduce her own meat intake, convinced by the taste of the alternative burger.

“I have also been following the vegetarian, plant-based meat development, like Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger,” Stewart continued. “I care very much about meat production in the United States–the serving of meat, how important it is to be high-quality.”

Stewart has yet to adopt a plant-based diet, but she continues to dip a toe into the lifestyle and showcase plant-forward recipes and food alternatives to her millions of fans. The lifestyle icon has promoted plant-based dieting throughout the last couple of years. Stewart surprised guests at a 2019 Christmas party with meatballs made completely from Beyond Meat, claiming that her guests had no idea that they were plant-based. Stewart later teamed up with the plant-based meat brand in March 2020 to unveil the new Beyond Breakfast Sausage.

“I don’t think [plant-based eating] is a curiosity,” Stewart said. “I think it is a definite move toward the future.”

The market continues to see an influx in popularity for alternative meat products with companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods inking partnerships with fast-food giants. Stewart’s advocacy for the plant-based brand is a seal of approval from one of the biggest names in food. Plant-based proteins keep skyrocketing, and Stewart sees no end in sight.


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