Mark Wahlberg just announced that he went plant-based to cure a "leaky gut" and he feels great. Wahlberg, who is a partner in the burger restaurant chain Wahlburgers with his brothers Donnie and Paul, said he felt he needed to make a change after he ate eight meals a day of beef, chicken pork, fish and other animal products while filming Spenser Confidential.

He started with a broth cleanse and transitioned to a plant-based diet, he told Men's Health in a video for Men's Health vs The Internet.  "I started with a bone broth fast and I’ve been eating just plant-based for about three weeks now, and I gotta tell you—I feel really good," the actor-producer said. "It's been nice." Men's Health has also covered Wahlberg through the years. For anyone who doesn't remember his start as a Calvin Klein model it's a fun journey to visit.

No stranger to the workout IG videos, Wahlberg's workouts and diet are the stuff of guy-obsession. So when he goes plant-based, we predict it will launch a thousand Impossible Burger orders.

Wahlberg, Fitness and Diet Influencer and Thought Leader

Wahlberg has removed all meat from his diet and says he has started to eat only plant-based products. This started when he found himself not feeling so well after filming his new Netflix film Spenser Confidential, out now.

Men's Health writes: "Among the benefits, Wahlberg finds from this going on this plant-based diet? He’s not having to struggle in order to recover from his intense 4 a.m. workouts, and he’s finding less inflammation in his body in general. From the looks of his previous photos, it would be pretty hard to have to guess exactly where in his body the actor is inflamed."


The article also quoted Wahlberg as saying: "I normally never fast,” while he was reading a comment on the above Instagram photo that asked him about whether he fasts as part of his diet or eating habits. “In this particular shot, I was eating eight meals a day.”

The Beet loves Wahlberg's transition to plant-based eating. His burger chain, which has 30 locations in the US, was one of the first to offer  Impossible Burger patty to participating restaurants nationwide. Founded by celebrity brothers Paul, Mark, and Donnie in 2011—Wahlburgers serves the plant-based burger with smoked regular dairy cheddar cheese, chili-spiced tomatoes, lettuce, caramelized onions, and its signature Wahl sauce.

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