Making plant-based milk from scratch used to be a major amount of work. You'd have to soak the beans or cashews, then blend them, then strain the liquid and probably make a mess while completing all these steps. But this process just got a whole lot easier with this versatile kitchen appliance, SoyaJoy G4. The G4 is an updated version of the original milk maker and now at-home cooks can have fun making cashew milk, almond milk, pea milk, and any other type of milk with none of the time-intensive work that typically goes into concocting your own non-dairy alternative.

Milk makers have long been a great way to cut back on processed products and also save money from buying store-bought versions, which can set you back up to $8 for a large container of nut milk. The SoyaJoy makes not only plant-based milk, but also delicious soups like pea and mushroom, or any dish that needs blending.

The original Soyajoy was widely used as a soymilk maker since it first appeared on the market in 1998. Now the new Soyajoy has been updated so that it will make any plant-based milk out of nuts, seeds, grains, or beans.

After researching several types of similar gadgets, it was clear that this brand was the favorite of all the reviewers. A typical comment was: "It pays for itself" since the 160-dollar price tag means you only have to use it regularly for a few months before it pays you back in savings at the store.

What sets this milk maker apart from the rest is the ability to make milk out of not only soaked but also dry beans. You don't have to worry about heating and grinding the beans yourself because the maker does that for you. The maker also has a raw juice button for nuts that don't need to be soaked in advance. All you have to do is add water along with the nuts, beans or whatever you are using to make your milk. Then, press a single button and you will have nondairy milk in no time.

Plant-Based Milk Maker
Plant-Based Milk Maker

Benefits of making your own milk

Homemade nondairy milk allows you to control what goes into the finished product. You know exactly what you are putting into your body rather than buying a product made with preservatives and processed ingredients.

One bag of Bob's Red Mill Rolled Oats will make four cups of oat milk. One 14 oz bag (four cups) is about six dollars whereas Oatly rings in at four dollars for a half-gallon container. One half-gallon of Oatly a week comes out to 20 dollars a month whereas two bags of rolled oats come out to 12 dollars, saving you at least 6 dollars a month.

Bottom Line: Soyajoy G4 will save you money and time while also making healthier plant-based milk. Plus, it's a fun project to involve the kids and let everyone try making their own type of favorite plant-based milk for the family.

You can find this machine on Amazon here.

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