Got love on the brain? We’re here to help you find your vegan match, made in plant-based heaven. If you’ve tried all the vegan dating apps without much success of finding vegan singles that pique your interest, turn to Facebook. There are countless Facebook communities for vegan recipes, vegan travel tips, and even vegan dating. Here are six of the best Facebook groups for vegan dating.

1. Find Veg Love

The Vegan Cupid matchmaker behind the coaching and matchmaking service of the same name, Find Veg Love, operates a Facebook community for vegan and vegetarian singles looking for meaningful romantic connections. The group is an extension of the private matchmaking services but is free to join for members.

Frequent prompts in the group encourage 2,300+ people to engage in conversations about everything from self-love, ideal traits in a partner, and more. Every Friday there’s a thread to introduce yourself with a selfie, your age, location, and what you’re looking for in a relationship. There are also occasionally virtual vegan speed dating events on Zoom.

Find Veg Love is also the powerhouse behind the first-ever vegan dating show, The Blind Love Experiment. It’s the vegan version of Blind Love and a thrill to watch.

2. Vegan Singles

Vegan Singles is the largest Facebook group for vegan dating with nearly 12,000 members. The self-declared Facebook version of OkCupid for vegans encourages members to introduce themselves with a selfie and some information about who and where they are. As stated on the group’s page, the community is “intended for vegans looking to find a non-platonic relationship.”

If you’re not quite sure about using Facebook as a way to meet other singles though, you’re welcome to join the group to socialize with other vegans. Not all posts circulate around dating, people tend to spark conversations about many other topics including travel, work, and funny memes. You can even find an epic list of vegan restaurants from around the world in the recommendations tab.

3. Vegetarian and Vegan Singles

This group for plant-based eaters looking for love is one of the most active on Facebook. The community is connected with the ultra-popular Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes group which has over 1 million users! The dating group is a bit smaller at just over 7,500 members seeking love and good vegan eats.

Vegetarian and Vegan Singles is open to veg daters of all sexual orientations and prides its self on being a safe space for the LGBTQ+ vegan community and has a zero-tolerance policy towards homophobic hate speech. There are lots of interesting, inspiring, and engaging threads on the group’s feed.

4. VEGAN DATE (Singles)

This group is all about creating an environment for vegans to meet and fall in love. With over 8,750 members your chances of connecting with someone special are pretty high! The feed in the group is kept tidy with mostly just posts of people introducing themselves, so this group isn’t big on non-romantic socializing.

5. Vegans Quest Singles

In this Facebook community, there are almost 10,000 members on the quest for love! The group rules say the feed is strictly for posts related to vegan dating and that memes are oddly banned. But people often actually post silly memes and threads about veganism that don’t relate to dating.

Join the group to connect with lots of fascinating vegans from around the globe. Peppered between the selfies and introductions you’ll find threads about dating theories, funny jokes, and conversation prompts.

6. Vegan Singles 40+ looking for love

If you’re vegan, desire love, and over 40, as well as prefer to be in a Facebook group for vegan dating with folks your age, this is the community for you to join. You’ll find like-minded souls looking for a romantic partner who can laugh about how hard it used to be to find quality vegan junk food back in the day. This group is a safe space for all genders and sexual orientations. But it is strictly for folks looking for love so this isn’t the place to go if you’re looking for platonic friendship.

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