Laird Hamilton is notorious for mastering the biggest waves on the planet and even surfing one of the most dangerous waves known to man, the legendary Millennium Wave in Tahiti. Throughout his surfing career, Hamilton found himself looking for ways to maintain high-energy and prolonged focus in a natural way because you can't lose concentration when you're riding a wall of water at 50 miles per hour. This led to him co-founding the alternate energy company, Laird Superfood, which has been turning out new products, such as functional creamers and coffee drinks, beverage boosters, and pili nut snacks in quick succession, and is now releasing a nourishing seed protein powder, called RENEW with mushroom protein powder. He said this protein powder will help you "power up" for your daily equivalent of riding a big wave.

RENEW plant-based protein powder is an all-natural clean product packed with 19 grams of protein and all nine essential amino acids. What sets Laird Superfood protein powder apart from others is the clean ingredients that are mostly derived from whole foods; the formula is preservative-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and plant-based, and Laird tested and approved.

The whole-food, plant-based ingredients in RENEW include Hemp Seed Protein, Pumpkin, and Sacha Inchi Seed Protein (a peanut from Inca, Peru), with a blend of Functional Mushroom extracts, yellow chlorella, organic coconut sugar, organic Ceylon cinnamon, and freeze-dried coconut water. This blend of ingredients is designed to be both nourishing and energizing.

“We set out to create an effective plant-based protein powder that is easier on the digestive system than the ones currently in the market,” said Paul Hodge, CEO, and co-founder of Laird Superfood.

Laird told his followers he was stoked to introduce this first-ever protein powder in his line: "We have been developing this protein powder for years and are SO stoked to finally release it! It's plant-based power you can rely on to take you from sunrise to sunset and it's @lairdhamiltonsurf and @gabbyreece approved!" He goes on to add, "We’ve implemented amazing plant-based proteins like Organic Sacha Inchi, Organic Hemp, and Pumpkin seed protein to help you stay powered."

Hodge adds: “At the same time, we wanted to develop a plant-based protein powder that has all nine essential aminos that our bodies don’t produce, so we got to work on a product that we believe is the ultimate plant-based protein–made from a blend of seed proteins and functional mushrooms."

Functional mushrooms are a signature ingredient for all Laird Superfood products. The blend of functional mushrooms in the protein powder is organic maitake, organic lion's mane, organic Chaga, and organic cordyceps. The mushrooms in Laird Superfood products offer unique benefits such as supporting overall health, immunity, vitality, cognitive support, endurance, and performance.

Laird Superfood is focused on offering clean, high-quality products that help people focus, whether they are riding big waves the size of small buildings or trying to stay awake on a zoom call. His products help you stay energized while reaching a level of calm and providing health benefits.

You can find a variety of products including highly popular functional creamers, beverage boosters, hydration products, roasted and instant coffees, teas, hot chocolate and harvest snacks on Laird Superfood's website and on Amazon.

A one-pound bag of Laird Superfood's RENEW Plant-Based Protein sells here for $29.95 and the company is offering 15% off now so it checks out for $25.45. 

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