Acclaimed snack bar brand KIND has just entered the ever-growing dairy-free ice cream market, debuting seven pints of frozen treats to freezers nationwide. The vegan ice cream pints are set to be available at select retailers with the aim to expand the release by summertime. The company joins a number of other brands in the dairy-free ice cream market, but KIND jumped straight into the mix with several favorite flavors.

The pints will be an extension of KIND’s Frozen range, which was introduced with two vegan ice cream bars in Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter. The nut-centric ice cream pints feature flavors including Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt, Cherry Cashew, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, Pistachio, Strawberry,  Coffee Hazelnut, and Caramel Almond Sea Salt.

KIND offers a number of vegan products, but the Frozen line is the company's first exclusively plant-based product selection. The ice cream items contain no dairy or honey and contain almond milk and nut butter.

KIND Continues to Develop Its Plant-Based Frozen Line

“Since day one, KIND has been committed to upholding our brand promise–to create innovative, premium foods, that are both healthy and tasty,” KIND Founder and Executive Chairman Daniel Lubetzky said. “While this category is new for us, it’s consistent with how we’ve always entered new aisles–with an eye to elevate people’s overall experience while adhering to our kind promise.”

The brand started releasing plant-based Frozen products with its smoothie bowls. The company’s Frozen vegan smoothie bowls can be found in offerings including Almond & Mango Pineapple Passion Fruit, Almond & Peach Kiwi Greens, Almond & Triple Berry Acai, and Almond & Chocolate Banana. The smoothie bowls bolster the company’s range which stretches from breakfast to dessert, showing the company’s dedication to growing and developing its plant-based selections.

“While we’re best-known for nutrition bars most often consumed on-the-go, we’re continuing to prioritize innovation that cuts across categories and day-parts,” Lubetzky continued.

Through this last year, other household brands like So Delicious, Ben & Jerry’s, and Breyers showcased new and exciting dairy-free ice cream flavors. The greater trend of vegan dessert products continues to domino across the market, as even dairy-based companies have begun to develop expand dairy-free lines, adding to the increasing traction that the vegan ice cream market has gained.


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