KIND Snacks has committed to source its almonds from bee-friendly farmlands across the globe by 2025 in a joint collaboration with farmers, suppliers, researchers, and retailers.

If you’ve ever enjoyed one of KIND's many delicious products, you already know that almonds are a key ingredient in many of the brand's products like bars, snacks, and frozen treats. Bees play an integral part in almond production, making KIND’s promise to “bee kind” to pollinators extra impactful. KIND has laid out concrete steps to address the two biggest causes of pollinator population decline:

  • Requiring suppliers to reserve 3-5% of their farmland for dedicated pollinator habitats.
  • Banning the current and future use of chemical treatments.
  • Investing $150,000 to the Willams Lab at UC Davis to help answer critical unknowns about bee health and to track how their farm-level improvements help the pollinator health.

The environmental impacts of almond production have been previously examined, and although dairy milk is definitely worse for the planet, almonds do take a ton of water to produce. KIND sources 1-2% of the world’s almonds, which means that their pledge has a real possibility of helping the decline in pollinator health we’ve seen globally. Pollinator populations are necessary for a healthy environment and a healthy economy, and so hopefully KIND’s promise helps to inspire other almond producers to “bee kinder.”

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