To celebrate National Burger Day, Kevin Hart is opening his first plant-based fast food restaurant in the Westchester neighborhood of Los Angeles. Hart House offers a plant-based menu inspired by the classic American fast food fare with a sustainable, healthier twist. Hart’s vegan fast-food concepts will provide customers with an affordable way to eat sustainably, in line with the company’s “plant-based for the people” mission.

“As someone who has been preaching ‘Health is Wealth’, building Hart House felt like the natural evolution of my flexitarian lifestyle and my business ecosystem,'' Hart said. “I’m beyond proud of this industry-changing restaurant and the amazing team behind it working tirelessly to create delicious, sustainable food that delivers "Can't-Believe-It" flavor in every bite.”

Hart House’s menu feature plant-based burgers, chicken patties, nuggets, salads, fries, milkshakes, and more. The company enlisted chef Mike Salem as its Head of Culinary Officer to help develop a tasty, healthier menu that still catered to the general American consumer base. The menu uses ingredients that contain zero cholesterol, antibiotics, hormones, artificial colors, preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, or trans fats.

“We’ve curated delicious, craveable food you know and love like burgers, shakes, nuggets, and more,” Hart House CEO Andy Hooper said. “Our menu is the future of the industry; Hart House is revolutionizing quick service restaurants now and delivering a ground-breaking culinary experience that shatters the expectations of what plant-based food can be.”

Hart hopes that his vegan concept will expand across the United States in the coming years. Currently, the company has two restaurants under construction and has leased several other locations. Over the next year, Hart House plans to quickly establish itself as a national chain.

Talking Plant-Based Foods with James Corden

Hart appeared on The Late Late Show with James Cordon to discuss his new plant-based business venture, revealing his intentions of competing with well-established American chains. Hart hopes that this plant-based burger chain will become establish a national presence, encouraging thousands of customers to choose a more sustainable option than conventional fast-food restaurants offer.

“I’m a person that has dabbled in the world of plant-based for some time and the one thing that I found was there’s a misunderstanding about what the world of plant-based is and should be,” Hart said“I [wanted] to create a plant-based fast-food chain. Kind of really embrace the generation now … and put that option into the world of fast-food places that we’ve grown to love today.

“The goal is to see Hart Houses right smack dab in the middle of where you would see a McDonald’s, a Burger King, a Chick-Fil-A, [and] a Wendy’s [so] people can have the option for a plant-based taste, as well.”

Hart House will also give back to the community where other fast food chains do not. The company will donate 10 percent of all opening day profits to Inner City Arts – an organization dedicated to helping children living in Los Angeles with art programs and resources.

Small Vegan Brands Taking On Fast-Food Giants

Hart House will join several other smaller vegan concepts in their efforts to topple the meat-heavy fast food industry. Plant-Power Fast Food recently opened its 11th location and intends to expand across the United States. Partnering with franchising firm Scale x 3, Plant Power Fast Food announced that it would become a national brand in the next year.

Nestle and Fransmart recently helped another California-based chain enter into the plant-based fast-food world. Noomo gained national attention when it took over the flagship Johnny Rockets storefront in 2020, but now, the burger concept is beginning its national expansion.

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