Kellogg's, which brought you your favorite childhood cereals like Corn Flakes and Rice Crispies (which—by the way—surprisingly are not vegan!), is expanding its horizons outside the realm of breakfast and into the meal delivery service industry. They have unveiled a new venture with Deliveroo, an app for online food delivery, to create Kellogg's Kitchen Creations. Right now, East London is the only location where this service is available to and we want to know: Is it coming to the US anytime soon? Will they make their cereals vegan to match Kitchen Creations, which the company says are "vegetarian or vegan?" While we applaud Kellogg's initiative in trying to provide vegetarians and vegans tasty options that extend much farther than breakfast, they can do better than the current cereal offerings currently on shelves.

Kellogg's hired chefs to create Mediterranean-inspired dishes and healthy-for-you choices, like falafel tabouleh, using some measure of the cereals to expand the repertoire of these foods beyond the breakfast table so that people might learn to create meals with Kellogg's products all day long and transform them into dinners, snacks, and desserts.

Some of these meals include vegan roasted squash, hot dogs and falafel wraps. It's a long way from the early days of Frosted Flakes or Rice Krispies being thought of as good for you start to the day, and Kellogg's is trying to innovate with the times. We applaud that. In the UK they also started a new line of vegan cereals called WK Kellogg—we hope these will come stateside sooner than later.

Until then, good job, Kellogg's for stepping outside your comfort zone and making the shift into healthier recipes, but we'd love to see the company go completely vegan in their cereal processing, and while they're at it, reduce the added sugars for a truly healthier start to the day.

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