For Joaquin Phoenix, Alec Baldwin, Alan Cumming, Edie Falco, Daisy Fuentes, and Rooney Mara, there won’t be any turkey on the Thanksgiving table this year. Such celebrities have recently signed the Farm Sanctuary’s pledge to go turkey-free before the holiday. The pledge explains that a turkey-free Thanksgiving this year is especially important, given the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on meat plant workers’ health.

Celebrities Are Choosing a Meat-Free Thanksgiving

Farm Sanctuary explains why it's so important to go meatless this year and as a signer, you're making the following statement: “I object to animal cruelty, environmental destruction, the exploitation of slaughterhouse workers, and the deep wounds inflicted upon rural communities by the factory farming industry. As such, I will join Farm Sanctuary in celebrating a compassionate Thanksgiving by leaving turkey off my dinner plate.”

Many of the celebrities that signed the pledge are outspoken advocates for veganism and animal welfare. Joaquin Phoenix partnered with Animal Sanctuary in May to suggest that we celebrate Mother’s Day by adopting a mother cow and her calf. He and his wife, Rooney Mara, are currently producing a documentary on the negative impact of factory farming. Tony award-winning actor Alan Cumming set up a program to deliver vegan pies to students affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Luckily, if you decide to opt for a plant-based holiday dinner, there are many options out there for a meat-free feast. If you’re looking for a plant-based solution and want to opt-out of cooking (and the kitchen cleanup), you can order Chef Chloe’s “Vegan Meal for Two.” If you’d prefer to make the meal yourself, check out our vegan Thanksgiving Menu that your whole family will love, as well as our favorite plant-based roast alternatives. Just because there's no bird on the table this year, we're certain there will still be delicious leftovers to enjoy, totally turkey-free!

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