Another recent round of indoor dining shutdowns in major cities on top of the year-long lockdown orders have hit the restaurant business hard. It's a tough time to be in the restaurant industry, so we're looking to do anything we can to uplift small businesses and local favorites. We caught up with our Creative Director and Grammy-award winning music producer Jermaine Dupri to find out where his favorite spots to eat vegan are in Los Angeles.

Although we're not traveling right now, we urge any of our readers who live in the Southern California area to patronize these great restaurants by ordering takeout or delivery if you're able to. Located elsewhere? Check out our City Guides or our HappyCow 'Find Vegan Near Me' widget to find incredible plant-based fare in your neighborhood. Without further ado, here are Jermaine Dupri's five favorite vegan spots in Los Angeles.

1. Crossroads Kitchen

Calling All: Plant-based (or not!) eaters in need of a top tier burger or breakfast, Crossroads Kitchen is a must-stop.

Don't Miss: The Chick'n and Waffles, and the breakfast sandwiches, which feature Impossible sausage, a plant-based egg and vegan cheese on an English muffin. Crossroads was also the first place in LA to have the Impossible burger (Chef and owner Tal Ronnen is a co-founder of Impossible), and Jermaine likes his with lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, special sauce, and says Crossroads offers the best preparation of the iconic meatless burger.

Order for a Crowd: The chick'n parmesan, kale salad, Impossible 'cigars' (Impossible meat sauteed with garlic, onions, and spices and wrapped in Tunisian Brik dough and fried, served with an almond yogurt dipping sauce) and any of Crossroads' amazing desserts, including its out-of-this-world vegan milkshakes.

2. Nic's on Beverly

Calling All: Plant-based sophisticates who are looking for incredible vegan remakes of classic dishes. Nic's is currently only open for takeout and delivery, but the restaurant's outdoor garden space has a great elevated date night vibe. While that's sadly not an option right now, the dishes are perfect for hosting a date at home.

Don't Miss: The beet salad that Jermaine says "everyone should have in their life."

Order for a Crowd: The deep dish pizza. If you're missing this Chicago-style 'za, you have to pay a visit to Nic's on Beverly, where the plant-based pies don't even seem like they could be vegan, but 100% are!

3. Monte's Good Burger Joint

Calling All: Burger aficionados. If you're looking for an incredible, grilled-to-perfection patty topped with gooey dairy-free cheese and special sauce, Monte's is a must-visit. With three different locations, there's a delicious vegan burger waiting for you in any neighborhood of LA.

Don't Miss: Jermaine's go-to order: A classic cheeseburger topped with Follow Your Heart's American cheese served with a side of tater tots and finished with a strawberry vanilla milkshake.

Order for a Crowd: The crisped to perfection fries, or a Dog Pile, which is a hefty helping of tater tots or fries finished with melted cheese, grilled onions, two griddled patties, and all of Monte's incredible housemade sauces.

4. Vegan Glory

Calling All: Plant-based eaters searching for a delicious stack of pancakes for breakfast or some incredible vegan Thai cuisine, Vegan Glory has both.

Don't Miss: The strawberry pancakes, or if you're really craving some decadence, the Oreo pancakes with chocolate syrup, both stacks topped with coconut whipped cream. All of Vegan Glory's pancakes are gluten-free.

Order for a Crowd: Vegan Glory specializes in side dishes and appetizers, like the grilled vegan bacon, the Thai style beef jerky, and the crispy chicken nuggets. Vegan Glory also has an amazing array of dessert options, like vegan carrot cake, banana spring rolls, mocha cake, and more.

5. Little Pine

Calling All: Silver Lake residents who are in search of an incredible, fresh meal. Vegan artist Moby's Little Pine restaurant may be off the beaten path, but it's well worth a visit for takeout or delivery. This is Jermaine's go-to spot to take friends who are visiting the area, who have christened Little Pine "by far the best vegan restaurant in LA" after enjoying a meal there.

Don't Miss: The crispy cauliflower served with a Calabrian aioli, and the mac and cheese, which will delight even the most skeptical eater of vegan meals. Everything on the Little Pine menu is 100% plant-based, although many of their recipes would fool you into believing otherwise.

Order for a Crowd: Impress your friends with the watermelon Ahi tuna finished with soy shallot yuzu or the crispy cashew Brussel sprouts which are topped with a decadently cheesy sauce.

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