Jelly Belly, the candy company famous for jelly beans that come in an infinite number of flavors including champagne, buttered popcorn, and even tobacco, recently announced its newest creation: A line of vegan gummy candy. Due to the gelatin present in most ingredient lists, gummies aren’t typically a vegan-friendly treat, but now, gummy-loving vegans everywhere will be able to indulge in their sugar fix with Jelly Belly's new line, aptly named Gummies.

Jelly Belly Launches Vegan Gummy Candy

The vegan gummies are shaped like jelly beans and come in two versions: Original and, for those who fondly recall the mouth-puckering taste of Warheads, Sour. Each bag of both the tart and original varieties contains five assorted fruity flavors: Apple, Berry, Lemon, Orange, and Very Cherry. The gummies are made vegan by replacing gelatin with tapioca and minimal artificial coloring. You can already purchase these sweets on the brand's website, where a 3.5-ounce bag costs $2.49.

Jelly Belly is the latest “Willy Wonka” to create a vegan candy that isn’t just your average chocolate. Making a vegan version of chocolate only requires swapping the dairy with a vegan substitute, and often the darker varieties already use cocoa butter instead of milk. Making a chewy candy vegan requires substituting gelatin, which hasn’t been so easy to do until now. Like Jelly Belly, the brand Smart Sweets ditched gelatin to make a line of vegan candy, modeling the company's most recent confection, Sweet Chews after Starbursts, and they’re not just vegan; They're also healthier-for-you, as they only contain three grams of sugar.

Companies like Jelly Belly and Smart Sweets are making stuffing the stockings of vegans with a sweet-tooth easier than ever this year. For the genuinely gummy obsessed, you can even order Jelly Belly’s vegan gummies in a case of twelve for $27.99, perfect for sharing with all of your vegan and non-vegan loved ones alike.

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