Jane Fonda gives sponsored content a whole new meaning as she shows off her latest business collab in an Instagram video for the CBD brand Uncle Bud's. The 82-year-old actress, climate change activist, and '80s exercise guru is twirling into the new project—literally. Fonda danced around in her living room applying CBD products from the LA-based personal care company to announce her new role.

"I'm excited to partner with Uncle Bud's," said Fonda. "Wellness has always been incredibly important to me and these hemp-based products recently caught my attention. They're eco-friendly, cruelty-free and, most importantly, effective!"

Fonda explains they have "been helpful in me keeping my groove while I’ve been home." And we agree, you got the moves, Fonda! She goes on to thank Uncle Bud's on Instagram for sending her products including Hemp Hand Sanitizer, CBD Lip Balm—which Fonda applies to her lips in the video, and Hemp Body Lotion. Fonda also shares how you can donate free hand sanitizers to Safe Places for Youth, just by reposting your own photo and tagging @UncleBuds_Hemp.

It was a smart business move for Uncle Bud's to link up with Fonda, who has a whopping 1.2 million followers on Instagram and a huge fan base on other social platforms. Together, she and the company share a common mission to give back to charity and strive for a cruelty-free world. "It was really simple for us to decide that Jane Fonda would be the next ambassador for Uncle Bud's," said Garrett Greller, co-founder of the Hemp and CBD company. "Her activism and values align with the company and there is no question that she is an icon of health and wellness both past and present. It was truly a no brainer and we can't wait to share what's in store."


In an interview with WWD, Fonda explains why she was attracted to the partnership; "They reached out to me thinking the alignment between them and me made sense. I wasn’t so sure in the beginning. Then I tried the products out for a few months, and I really like ’em. I like the skin creams, I like the aching muscle creams, I like the lip balm, I like the hand sanitizers, I like the fact they were giving free hand sanitizers to a homeless youth organization. And I think they work.

Her enthusiasm now runs to reviving her workouts on Instagram and TikTok. In a recent Instagram post, she tells her fans: "Hello TikTok. My name is Jane Fonda and I'm going to bring back the Jane Fonda Workout! Google Me!" She then flashes on the screen her retro-video of herself in-studio showing off her 80s moves!

Uncle Bud's is her latest health-related venture, and she said she is working them because it aligns with her values.

"If it wasn’t a U.S.-made product and eco-friendly and animal-kind, I wouldn’t have gone near them." And for someone who digs hemp products, the next question that seems appropriate is, do you still smoke marijuana? Fonda replied, "I use a pen that limits how many doses you get, which is way better than taking sleeping pills.… But I was never majorly into pot to tell you the truth," Truth be told, Fonda stands by Uncle Bud's CBD products and you can try them out for yourself on their website.

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