We love this piece on "Is Hummus Healthy?" from Bicycling Magazine. We assume it's healthy because it's made from chickpeas, full of fiber and protein, and one of our go-to foods. But there are often added oils and ingredients. Plus the fact that it seems to go best with mini pretzel flats or pita bread, both themselves carb packages. So is hummus healthy? Or a sneaky calorie bomb? It depends whether you see it as a snack, a meal replacement or a fuel-up for your next chance to crush that afternoon Peloton workout.

Other than the fact that we eat it by the tub full, hummus has enjoyed a halo effect as being a "healthy snack." And with good reason. We assumed that since it was mostly made of chickpeas and they are full of protein, so of course hummus has to be super healthy, right? Then we read with shock that our favorite "healthy" snack might be a sneaky source of fat and calories. Still, we love a hummus snack, before and after hopping on our indoor trainer bikes, so we needed to know the answer to the question, and we needed to share! For 15 Legumes with the most protein, read this story from The Beet.

For the answer to the question, is hummus healthy, check out this piece in Bicycling Magazine. Then eat your favorite snack accordingly.

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