Find us a vegan cookie enthusiast who doesn’t miss indulging in Insomnia Cookies, and we’ll think you very well presented us with a unicorn. The cookies are that good, the batter is that rich, the sugar high is that sublime, and we’ll be the first to admit that giving up our monthly (weekly) Insomnia Cookies habitat when we transitioned to plant-based eating was no easy feat.

Well, today we come bearing some exciting news, in spirit, at least, if not for your jeans that are already stretched to the ripping limit amidst quarantine 15: Insomnia Cookies has finally launched vegan cookies.

Insomnia Adds New Vegan Cookies

As the night owl’s cookie emporium announced in a recent press release the company’s CookieLab has created three new vegan cookies, debuting on World Vegan Day on Sunday, November 1st. Drumroll please for the flavors? First up, there’s Vegan Chocolate Chunk, a veganized version of their Classic Chocolate Chunk cookie. Next, the Vegan Double Chocolate Chunk, a plant-based riff on the Classic Double Chocolate cookie. Rounding out the trio is the Vegan Birthday Cake, a cookie ideal for celebrating a festive occasion, or just because you’re in the mood for vanilla-flavored goodness and lots o’sprinkles  You can buy them all as individual cookies or in 6-packs and all three cookies will be permanently added to the Insomnia Cookies menu at all locations in-store or for delivery, as well as being available for nationwide shipping. For more information, visit their website here.

To sweeten the deal from November 1st to November 4th, you can purchase $6 vegan six-packs with your choice of the new vegan cookies—don’t tell your bestie or beau, they may just be surprised after scarfing one down to learn that it’s made without animal products.

For cookie enthusiasts in the northeast, we’d also like to draw to your attention another exciting announcement on the vegan cookie front. Chip NYC, which churns out melty, soft cookies in quirky and nostalgic flavors is unveiling their first vegan cookie on Saturday, October 31st, coinciding with the opening of their fifth outpost in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The Vegan Chocolate Chip cookie tastes as good as it looks, trust us.


In addition to being featured on Chip's rotating menu (which changes daily with four rotating flavors), fans can also buy their vegan chocolate chip cookie in frozen cookie dough form through their website to ship to select Northeast states.

Blind vegan cookie taste test, anyone?

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