Impossible Foods is hitting the road for a summer tour, bringing plant-based burgers across the United States. The company is debuting two traveling food trucks that will set up shop in parking lots, city squares, and parks nationwide to introduce people to vegan summer grilling. The two trucks – named Baby Heme and Juicy Lucy –  will be making their way to different cities starting this week.

The two food trucks will initially stop in eight states: Arkansas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Virginia. Although the last stop is scheduled for June 15, the food trucks may continue their nationwide tour. The trucks will offer everything from familiar summer grilling favorites to more innovative plant-based food items. Each truck will feature a new summer grilling menu alongside Mini Hawaiian Kabobs. Even for those consumers who aren’t plant-based but find themselves curious about Impossible Foods, the truck will be providing free samples from its menu to encourage people to try plant-based proteins.

The national tour comes on the heels of Impossible Food’s rumored IPO. The company experienced tremendous growth over the last year, planning to value its initial stock offering at $10 billion. Following swells of investments and endorsements from celebrities like Jay-Z, Natalie Portman, and Serena Williams, Impossible Foods aims to accelerate its market presence and encourage more consumers to consider incorporating its product into their diets.

Outreach has become a top priority for the plant-based food tech company. This week, Impossible announced that it received a Child Nutrition certification from the USDA, which will allow the plant-based protein to be served in school cafeterias nationwide. The company hopes that its introduction to children in K-12 schools will increase people’s understanding of plant-based diets and their relationship to climate change.

Impossible Foods is dedicating itself to spreading plant-based diets across the United States. The company is looking to expand its presence not only in the market but in the minds of consumers. The food trucks will be making their way across the country, so check to see if you can get plant-based summer grilling food in your city.


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