This past weekend, Kate Hudson had her launch party for HappyxNature, a new clothing line made of recycled at the vegan spot Butcher's Daughter in Venice. Her pal Jen Meyer said the line "gets better and better" in the event that was covered in WWD, where I read about it and had serious FOMO.

You can buy the HappyxNature dresses, jumpsuits, sweater, all from recycled polyester that is made out of retrieved plastic bottles. “At this point, there isn’t one thing that’s in design that doesn’t have an eco element to it,” said Hudson, who works with  Michele Manz, former head of Alberta Ferretti to create the designs. “Everything is conscious and yet we’re selling a $78 dress. Or, something that would normally be a $450 dress, we’re selling at $250. A lot of it is 100 percent recycled," WWD quotes her as saying.

“I have to be honest, it’s not easy,” she said of producing sustainable fashion," Hudson added. “There are some things that are easy that if people aren’t doing, they’re just not being responsible. But at the end of the day, you run these big businesses and by changing the way you do things, your entire business could fall.”

I met Hudson years ago when we shot her for the cover of SELF magazine, in Malibu, and she was launching her fitness line, Fabletics, the activewear that is affordable and easy to love for its price point. She is charming, funny and warm, so I plan to shop HappyxNature. Hudson has always been true to herself, and as the ambassador for a line of affordable fashion that is sustainable, recycled and chic, we want to support her efforts on every front.



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