Picture this: It's Thursday morning, I hop in my car and drive to Peet's Coffee to get my usual Chai latte with almond milk: Very predictable, no-frills, nothing new. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a sign that drastically changed my run-of-the-mill order for the better. "Plant-based deliciousness! Try the new plant-based everything sandwich!". I proceeded to run, not walk into Peet's, and promptly request my latte and this beautiful breakfast creation.

Up until a few days ago, Peet's Coffee was a stranger when it comes to all-vegan food items on their menu. They have dabbled with artisanal vegetarian options, but never made a fully vegan option–until now.

I am happy to report that the Everything Plant-Based Sandwich does not disappoint. Fluffy JUST egg, melty Violife cheese, Beyond Meat patty perfectly seasoned and nestled between a gorgeous everything bagel thin. Are you drooling? I definitely am. As a breakfast sandwich and anything vegan cheese aficionado, believe me when I tell you I am a harsh critic of these types of things. It earns a 10/10 on my Caitee on the Beet scale (which is no small feat) and more importantly pairs perfectly with my daily almond milk chai latte.

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