Vegan meat company Hungry Planet supplied the St. Louis Food Share Network and St. Louis Animal Rights Team with 10,000 pounds to fight food insecurity. The Missouri-based company donated 900 cases of vegan meats ranging from vegan burger patties to plant-based Italian sausages. The company aims to fight food insecurity in St. Louis, in a move to promote personal, planetary, and community health.

“This substantial donation from Hungry planet was huge for us,” organizer of the Food Share Network Casey Stinemetz said. “Not only did we distribute plant-based meats to over 100 attendees at our weekly food share, but we also shared the surplus with our network of churches, nonprofits, and individuals throughout the St. Louis region. Thank you Hungry Planet for supporting the community.”

The company donated vegan Beef Patties, Chipotle Chicken Patties, Ground Italian Sausages, and Crab Cakes. The St. Louis Food Share Network handed out the donations during the organization’s two food drives on February 24 and March 3. The food drives have been set up on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays to help combat food shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization’s mission is to assist those with food insecurities and encouraging more community-driven outreach initiatives. The food donated to the St. Louis Animal Rights Team will be served at multiple venues during Earth Day and Taste of St. Louis Vegan fest events.

“Donations of bulk food to the St. Louis Animal Rights Team is considered a great advantage to our organization. Every event we host is centered around food. Although the past 12 months have been an anomaly, we usually organize events, meetings, and actions to take place every month,” board president of St. Louis Animal Rights Team Caty Brown said.

Hungry Planet produces a diverse range of plant-based meats that the company hopes will help people easily switch off of animal products. The company is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, but aims at making healthy, nutritional plant-based foods available for everyone. Many companies are realizing that sustainable foods could be a solution to food insecurity in order to fight global hunger. Hungry Planets' donation showcases its dedication to helping those who are food insecure and will hopefully encourage other companies to follow this example.

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