Happy World Vegan Day! Celebrate With Food Freebies

|Updated Dec 19, 2019
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The Beet wishes you a Happy World Vegan Day! 

Whether you're celebrating by eating an Impossible Burger at your desk, or throwing a party with your loved ones, or even hosting a vegan dinner for your non-vegan friends, this day is a great day to embrace plant-based eating and join in the fun with people all over the world.

Why do we celebrate Worl Vegan Day?

To recognize how far the lifestyle has come and to encourage others to try to be more plant-forward. Founded by Louise Wallis, chair of the Vegan Society in the UK, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of her organization and the coining of the terms "vegan" and "veganism" in 1944, this date is a way of seeing how far the movement has come. Famously, Albert Einstein was vegan as was Nikola Tesla, but neither used the term, since it wasn't in popular use or part of the lexicon until after World War II.

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How can you celebrate? Enjoy some Food Freebies!

Other than eating plant-based food for lunch, dinner and snacks here are some ideas: Take a walk around your local park or get over to the beach and pick up trash (for the sake of the environment) as you soak up the beauty of nature. Skip the water bottle and drink water from the tap or a Hydro Flask.

Or cook recipes that you have been drooling over and if you don't want to eat  the whole thing, you'll have an excuse to give left-overs to your neighbors. Lend a vegan-friendly cookbook to your co-worker who has been asking you all about how you stay so healthy. But, if you live in New York City or nearby, you need to stop by restaurants and stores that will celebrate with you by giving out freebies, like these ones below.

Visit any Baked by Melissa store in New York and receive a free 6-pack of delicious vegan cupcakes when you order the World Vegan Day special or with any order of $30 or more. Can't make it to any of their locations? Don't worry, you can order online and they will ship you these sweet treats in 1-2 business days.

Hey, all you dairy-free ice cream lovers: If you're a loyal fan of Ben & Jerry's, like we are, set your alarms for 3:30 pm today to make your way down to Ben & Jerry's for swirly goodness without a "lick of-dairy." They are celebrating this special day from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm and will be handing out single scoop cups of vegan ice cream. And since we taste tested these, we are in a position to highly recommend them! You don't need to touch your wallet. (Matter of fact, don't even bring it.) These scoops are 100% free so bring all your friends with you.

Stop into any Gregory's Coffee locations in New York, New Jersey, and Washington D.C and you'll pay only $2.00 for your entire order when you purchase any drink with non-dairy Califia Oatmilk with one of the JUST Eggs Vegan Scramble. We love both JUST eggs and Califia!

We applaud these companies for taking action to give away free vegan food and letting people know that dairy-free is delicious, and they can go plant-based without sacrificing taste. A few other places are offering less generous freebies, like Blaze Pizza is offering free delivery of their vegan life mode pizza (who knew pizza delivery wasn't free?) and Fatburger is offering dairy-free diet cheese for no extra cost but we don't think there should ever be an extra charge for dairy-free swaps! And Chipotle should not charge extra for guacamole either but don't get us started on all the places that do that (Sweetgreen we are looking at you!) Meanwhile, that's not to say we aren't thankful for the love of plant-based eating, but we hope to see a lot more action next year! We propose McDonalds give away free Beyond Burgers!

Here is how our editors at The Beet are celebrating today:

"I will go to Double Zero in the Lower East Side for dinner with my non-vegan boyfriend and share the mouth-watering truffle cashew cream pizza and make a toast with a glass of red wine." -- Caitlin Mucerino

"I woke up early to catch the sunrise on the FDR and go for a run. I usually drink a green juice after my run to keep the health streak going BUT today for WVD I'm going to indulge in a vegan muffin from Body and Soul Bake Shop in the Union Square market on my walk to work." -- Hailey Welch

"I was supposed to fly to California and visit my daughter who is running the Malibu Half Marathon, but because the world is burning up and I canceled my trip to LA, I am going to Ja Ja Ja Mexicana restaurant and have vegan Mexican food and a vegan margarita (or two) and toast my daughter from 3,000 miles away!" HWVD! -- Lucy Danziger

"I got up and grabbed breakfast with my cousin, who recently moved to Brooklyn. He's not vegan but loves the plant-based food he's tried and is willing to explore more of the vegan lifestyle. We're also going to a crystal shop to buy sage to cleanse his new apartment, which sounds super cliché but happens to be my reality." --Stephanie McClain

So what does this mean for you? Other than freebies?

We can all make a difference to our health, the planet and animals, by eating more plant-based meals, or sharing a delicious vegan recipe, making mouth-watering meals for your friends, or giving advice to the curious plant-leaning people about how to try this clean way of eating. Add popular hashtags to your posts today when you eat a plant-based salad or snack, like #worldveganday #govegan to spread awareness about how plant-based eating is healthy and planet-friendly. Wallis actually wants us to celebrate the entire month of November, so you can add #worldveganmonth for the rest of the month. We encourage you to share your celebration plans or anything you would like us to post on our social media accounts that will inspire others about veganism and plant-based eating, to info@thebeet.com.