Today, August 8th is National CBD Day. While it might seem gimmicky to have a “day” to celebrate CBD, it’s a good reminder as to why people are increasingly turning to the plant-derived compound for reducing anxiety and stress, improving sleep quality and alleviating pain and muscle soreness—just to name a few of its many uses. Taking steps towards better health and wellness is something we can all agree to celebrate!

In honor of the Day, we’ve also tracked down some of the best vegan-friendly CBD products on the market accompanied by some mind-blowing National CBD Day discounts and deals.

A short overview of CBD and why it's the hottest wellness trend on the market:

CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is a type of cannabinoid found in hemp and marijuana plants. Both hemp and marijuana are a flowering plant that are members of the cannabis family, yet they are vastly different; the main distinction being that marijuana contains THC, the active ingredient in marijuana that gets you “high,” while hemp, by definition, has less than .03% THC, which is why hemp is fully legal and unregulated. Most CBD products on the market today come from the hemp plant, making them readily available to purchase.

Cannabinoids, like CBD, interact with our Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which is found in all vertebrates and is responsible for regulating a variety of processes in our body like sleep, metabolism, pain, appetite and more. When external cannabinoids enter the body, they bind with ECS receptors (found throughout our body) and trigger a reaction.

While CBD is the Beyoncé of cannabinoids, there are over 100 cannabinoids in the hemp plant, like CBN and CBG, all of which interact in different ways with our ECS. Though science in the area of CBD and the ECS is still emerging, there are studies that support the effectiveness of CBD—and one FDA approved CBD drug to treat epilepsy—plus immense first-hand accounts and testimonials from people that swear by the power of CBD. There is a reason that ancient civilizations over 10,000 years ago turned to the hemp plant to ease pain and treat other ailments. These days, cannabinoids are extracted from the hemp plant and turned into highly concentrated and intentional CBD formulations.

Not all CBD oil is created equal

There is no shortage of CBD on the market these days. You can find CBD everywhere from the shelves of CVS to the interwebs of Amazon. But know this: not all CBD is created equal.

There are lots of cheap CBD products on the market that are not third-party lab tested (so they can easily misrepresent what is actually in the product), and are filled with chemicals and other junk. So, do your research and make sure to know where your CBD products are coming from. Check to make sure the brand you are buying from is third-party lab tested and shows lab results on their website (as reputable companies will do). You can also check to make sure they disclose where they source their hemp so you know it’s coming from US soil.

Dosage and application of CBD: Gummies or droplets?

If you are unsure about how to take CBD and in what form, you should always consult your doctor. We are not here to provide medical advice.

CBD is commonly ingested orally or taken sublingually; both these methods ultimately deliver CBD to your bloodstream to then bind with your endocannabinoid receptors, thus triggering a reaction. Another common method is topical application, applied on the skin, which has a bit of a different effect. Both are outlined a bit deeper below.

Ingestion: If you are ingesting CBD or taking sublingually (under the tongue)—popular forms include oils, tinctures, pills or soft gels and gummies—one might typically start with 20mg - 40mg per day, see how they feel, and increase from there as needed. CBD impacts different people in different ways and while it is common to hear that CBD is “non-psychoactive”—which is true in the sense that it won’t get you “high” like THC from the marijuana plant—CBD can cause mood changes and make you feel a bit...different. People report feeling less stressed, less anxious, and experience relief from pain and other ailments. It also may make you a bit sleepy. Many people are able to reduce reliance on pain medication and other pharmaceuticals after discovering CBD. Everyone is different, so make sure to consult your doctor before changing medications or for any other medical advice.

Topical Use: For targeted, external use, you might use a CBD salve, cream or lotion that you apply directly on an area where you have joint pain or sore muscles. Our body’s endocannabinoid receptors also sit throughout connective tissue in the body, so CBD and other cannabinoids applied topically to your skin are absorbed through the epidermis to bind with certain cannabinoid receptors. You might not feel the mood change with a topical (depending on how much you slather on), but you may notice the area where you are applying feels better and/or sees improvement.

Now, to the CBD vegan-friendly products and deals... Yes, deals!

Now that you’ve had a brief CBD and ECS overview, you’re ready to go forth and stock up. We’ve highlighted below a number of reputable US-made CBD products you can trust for quality and authenticity. All of the below-recommended products are vegan, made in the US, and third-party lab tested. We also scored some killer coupon codes in honor of National CBD Day to help you on your CBD journey.

1. Broad-Spectrum Lemon Raspberry CBD Tincture, Canna River

Canna River is made with Colorado-grown hemp and is known for its high potency and low cost. Tinctures range from 1000mg to 5000mg per bottle so make sure to understand the different potencies. For those just starting out, ease into this one as they are high potency. Their 1000mg Lemon Raspberry for example contains 16.66mg of CBD per serving (which is 1ml dropper full), so this would be a pretty low dose to start. It has a pleasant muddled raspberry and fresh-squeezed lemonade taste with a bit of sweet (which is sweetened with sucralose). Plus, 10% of Canna River sales will go to nonprofit Covenant House, their partner charity that supports homeless children and youth.

DEAL: In addition to their products already being super affordable, we’ve locked down a 15% off coupon code just for you: CBDDAY

2. Equanimity Sleep Tincture, Medicine Box

Your bedtime needs just got a whole lot better with Medicine Box’s recently launched hemp-derived CBD tincture, Equanimity Sleep. Medicine Box goes beyond CBD and also uses a formulated dose of CBN in its Sleep tincture. CBN has been shown to help induce sleep by causing a sedative effect; it also can help relieve pain and inflammation caused by some diseases and even help fight bacteria. Medicine Box takes an herbology approach with its tinctures and infuses strategic herbs into each one of its formulas. Made in Nevada City, CA, the Medicine Box team pours their mind, body and spirit into each unique product as they envision a future where people stock their medicine cabinet with plant-based health and wellness products rather than pharmaceuticals.

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3. Cold Therapy Hemp Rub, Populum

This CBD-packed topical cream uses Full-Spectrum CBD (which many of the brand listed here use) which means you get all the wonderful aspects of the hemp plant, minus any noticeable amounts of THC. In addition to CBD, the Cold Therapy Hemp Rub contains Aloe Vera, Arnica and Chamomile for a heavy dose of natural plant medicine. Rub on the knees, neck or any areas where you are experiencing pain or soreness for nearly instantaneous relief. Populum also has a number of potent tinctures and other CBD products—all are 100% vegan.

DEAL: We’ve even snagged you a discount code for 20% off your first order: CBDDEALZ

4. Energy Boost Oral Spray, CBD Path

Having served as a Navy SEAL for almost a decade, CBD Path CEO/Founder Mike Donnelly knows what it means to put mileage on your body—and he can tell you that the right toolkit is the secret to longevity, vigor, and strength. This is why CBD Path makes a variety of solutions, one of which is Energy Boost Oral Spray, perfect for those looking to grab some relief from pain but not get sleepy; it’s infusion of 20mg of caffeine (derived from coffee beans and green tea) per serving helps put a little pep in your reps. Plus there are some added benefits like vitamin B12 (500% of your recommended daily value), and a blend of Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin E. You can also do good with your purchase as CBD Path donates a portion of its profits to veteran-focused nonprofits. They also have great resources and education around CBD including specific info for veterans and how CBD might be helpful for a variety of ailments.

DEAL: Through Sept. 1, 2020 use this code for 20% off: CBDLOVE


5. Relief Tincture, Care By Design

A leader in the CBD space in California for the past 6 years, Care by Design is known for its vast signature ratio products (meaning a formulated mix of THC and CBD) which are sold across California cannabis dispensaries. Recently they released a hemp-derived CBD line making products available nationwide and easy to buy online. You can find fast-acting sublingual drops (tinctures) with a choice of five effect-based options to support desired effects like their highly recommend Relief Tincture.

DEAL: Get 30% off through August 2020 with this code: CBDDAY

6. Extra Strength Whole Plant USDA Organic CBD Oil, Cornbread Hemp

Cornbread Hemp is a Kentucky-based brand and one of the first to receive the USDA organic certification. This means their hemp is organic (not just “organically grown"), the ethanol they use for extraction is organic, and the MCT coconut oil is organic. For a super clean and effective CBD oil try their newest product, a 1500 mg full-spectrum whole plant CBD oil. The company says this is the strongest CBD oil that you can find online that is certified USDA organic. And, note especially in high doses you may want to reserve this one for nighttime use as it may make you a bit sleepy. No matter what Cornbread product you go with—oils, topicals or capsules—you’ll see a noticeable positive effect.

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7. Relax Mints, EcoTherapy

Perhaps a tincture or liquid-based CBD form is a bit too potent to start out with for you. Instead, try a small dose with a CBD mint. While EcoTherapy is known best for its award-winning CBD vape pens, they also have you covered with mints, perfect for CBD in smaller amounts and to take with you on the go. Their Relax Mints are wintermint flavor and infused with other essential oils. With 10mg per mint, you can feel confident to take throughout the day or to ease into your CBD journey.

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