Going vegan is easier than you think (and we’ve got plenty of tips to make it even simpler), but there’s no denying that carnivorous cravings can strike from time to time. For many, such hankerings come in the form of the almighty breakfast sandwich—pass the egg, sausage, and cheese, please.

Until now, if you’re dining out at a fast-food restaurant, known in the biz as QSR or quick-service restaurants, finding a completely vegan breakfast sandwich has been tough. Now, the popular chain Gregorys Coffee—with locations in New York City, Washington, D.C., and New Jersey has changed the breakfast plant-based landscape with the Vegan Deluxe, currently available at all of its locations. The croissant sandwich, which is described as “flaky and filling” is made with folded JUST Egg, Daiya cheese, and Beyond sausage, in a formidable imitation of the real deal, sans animal products. It currently retails for $5.95 and we hear it pairs really, really well with a hot cup of joe to fuel your day.

“At Gregorys we are forward thinkers, and always striving to refine our experience to make it the absolute best one possible for our Gregulars. With the recent success of our plant-based sandwich offering, we really wanted to add another. We knew Just Egg Folded would be the foundation of the sandwich, [and] from there we developed a plant-based chia seed croissant, sourced the Beyond breakfast sausage and Daiya foods cheddar cheese,” Gregory Zamfotis, Gregorys Coffee Founder, shared with The Beet. “When we combined them, it was like nothing we had ever seen or tasted before. To say it has been our most successful new product offering in recent memory, would be an understatement. The Vegan Deluxe has been tremendously popular, and with good reason! It’s unique, healthy, and absolutely delicious.”
Recently, a new national poll of 2,000 Americans found that six in 10 are transitioning to a more flexitarian diet, citing health as their top reason for adopting a more plant-forward lifestyle. Many respondents said they were going plant-based at breakfast, which they view as the most important meal of the day, and more than half look for high-protein and low-sugar options to kick off each morning. Can you think of a better sandwich that fits this bill than one filled with a fluffy JUST Egg, vegan savory sausage, and dairy-free cheesy goodness? We didn’t think so. Order online or on the Gregorys Coffee app and thank us later.

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