Gordon Ramsay just shared an innovative recipe for vegan bacon on his TikTok that we can't wait to try out. Previously, the chef has been a harsh critic of plant-based foods, claiming that he was allergic to vegans. Recently, however, the hot-headed chef has changed his tune, providing his fans with plant-based alternatives to some of their favorite meat dishes. The new plant-based bacon is made in three stages, explained and demonstrated by the famous chef.

In the video, Ramsay begins by whisking together a marinade consisting of nutritional yeast, paprika, cayenne pepper, granulated garlic, maple syrup, sriracha, vegan butter, and soy sauce. The marinade is then used to coat a bowl of crumbled tofu. The chef then cuts strips of rice paper, lathers them with the marinade, and places the strips on a baking pan. The rice paper is then evenly covered with some crumbled tofu and topped with another strip of rice paper. The chef then instructs his followers to bake the rice paper and tofu. After baking, the chef presents a crispy, oily, plant-based “bacon” alternative, resembling the quality of traditional animal-based bacon.

@gordonramsayofficialOops I did it again….I played with ##Vegan Teachers Heart with this ##BLT 😉 ##tiktokcooks ##learnontiktok♬ Vegan BLT - Gordon Ramsay

Ramsay’s TikTok recipe ends with him putting the vegan bacon on a BLT sandwich. The chef stacks the vegan bacon on toasted bread with lettuce, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and vegan basil aioli. At the end of the video, the chef says, “I’m turning vegan...for lunch.”

This is not the first time chef Ramsay joked about turning vegan. After decades of criticism towards plant-based eating, it seems impossible that Ramsay would consider eating plant-based. Earlier this year, Ramsay released a TikTok video where he showed his followers how to make an eggplant steak. Telling his audience that he decided to turn vegan, Ramsay demonstrates how to cook a delicious vegan steak. Before this, the chef also featured eggplant at his famous Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza Restaurant [currently called Bread Street Kitchen] in London with the vegan Charred Aubergine Pizza.

Since then, Ramsay has continued experimenting with plant-based foods after seeing the success of his restaurant’s vegan option. The restaurant rolled out a completely plant-based menu in 2019, celebrating Veganuary – a global challenge that encourages restaurants, companies, people, and public figures to go vegan for January. During this plant-based takeover, Ramsay revealed a plant-based version of his signature dish: Beef Wellington. Instead of using beef products, the vegan version replaced the meat with beets.

Ramsay gained a reputation for being an unforgiving, hot-headed, diligent chef through his show Hell’s Kitchen. For years, the cooking game show has featured a heavily meat-centric diet, but earlier this year, the chef introduced the first vegan and vegetarian chefs to join the show. Vegan chef Josie Clemens and vegetarian chef Emily Hersh entered Hell’s Kitchen, taking up the challenge no one before had dared to attempt: impressing Gordon Ramsay with a plant-based dish.

Last week, Ramsay announced that he would be supporting Silk’s new oat milk product, featured as the G.O.A.T. at Yelling in Kitchens in the company’s Greatest of All Time campaign. This marks the first time the formerly anti-vegan chef has endorsed a plant-based product. Now, he shocks his fans by becoming an ambassador to the plant-based milk company, shifting his stance on vegan eating in the public eye once again. The chef attributed this stark shift to his children eating more plant-based than he ever did.

“Well, it took my kids getting on me, but now I really enjoy cooking more plant-based dishes at home and in my restaurants,” Ramsay said. “Let me tell you, I know greatness when I taste it, and I am loving Silk Oatmilk for both sweet and savory recipes.”

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