Gemma Davis is an Australian naturopath, yogi, and the creator of The Compassionate Road, a blog dedicated to being "a free resource for anyone interested in creating more healthy, sustainable and kind habits." Davis has kindly provided all the healthy plant-based recipes for The Beet's Two Week Clean Eating Challange, where you can find dishes that have her signature minimalist aesthetic. These healthful, creative recipes make for edible works of art that will inspire you to live a healthier life and nourish your body without contributing to any of the harmful processes associated with animal agriculture.

Davis, a staunch animal advocate, is also an ambassador for the animal protection group, Voiceless. She says that learning about the agricultural and farming industries was the impetus for her switching to a vegan diet and lifestyle, explaining, "When I began my studies, many years ago, in natural healing and nutritional medicine, I also learned about the horrors of factory farming… I had NO IDEA! Once I knew I couldn’t un-know, but I felt overwhelmed because I didn’t know how to help. I didn’t think there was anything I could do that was “big enough”. Then I realized what I could do was a great place to start. This goes for all of us - there are always little, or big, things we can do!"

The Compassionate Road consists of recipes, courses, a blog, a podcast and a cookbook, The Compassionate Kitchen. Davis explains why she was driven to start the website in her own words, saying, "I write this blog as I’m incredibly passionate about helping others live healthy, conscious lives. I want to share what I can to empower each of us to make compassionate choices that support ourselves and the greater whole. Practicing yoga for over 17 years, I deeply believe we need to take our yoga off our mats and live it by making kind, conscious daily decisions."

She adds, "I want to share some of what I have learned along my journey to help others—to help you—find easy-to-access, researched information that empowers you to be able to make sustainable, greener and kinder choices. I am vegan and have been for 16 years, but I am really not interested in “labels” or judging what feels right for you. However I do believe factory farming and many other ways we treat animals in food production, experimentation, and entertainment, is cruel and that when people know what goes on behind the closed doors - they do too - vegan or not vegan. I hope this information helps guide you to live congruently with your values.

The Compassionate Road and all its different offerings have inspired many to live a kinder lifestyle. For plant-based recipes, natural health information, environmental-friendly product recommendations, head to the road!

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