Lewis Hamilton the outspoken vegan race car driver and all-around influencer has not declared that his dog is super happy on a vegan diet. Many people who eat vegan or plant-based want to switch their pet's food to a non-meat formula, so Hamilton's story is making big waves in the plant-based community. There is an on-going debate about whether you should feed your dog (or cat for that matter) meat-free food, that this Instagram Story of Hamilton's pup happily thriving on a plant-based diet is timely and a welcoming message to all who are tempted to try it.

'His coat is much softer, his swollen paws have healed up, he is no longer limping with pain of arthritis and his breathing has opened up,' Plant-Based News reports.

Hamilton posted the news that Rosco is now fully vegan in an Instagram story, with an adorable picture of the bulldog.

According to PETA, dogs can live happily on a vegan diet, with 'the right planning and care', adding that 'it’s important to ensure that their nutritional requirements are met' with quality pet food. PETA adds: "Dogs require two amino acids, L-carnitine and taurine, which are usually added to vegan dog foods or can be added as supplements.

Last year at the World's First Plant-Based Explo The Beet met the founders of Wild Earth who had pitched their vegan dog food to Shark Tank. Since then, more vegan dog foods have hit the market and there are now at least a dozen reputable vegan dog brands. PETA did a story on the best vegan dog food recipes.

Another vegan dog food company V-Dog was developed in concert with Dr. Armaiti May, a veterinarian who has declared that it is safe and effective to raise a dog on a vegan diet. "V-dog is a vegan owned and operated dog food company providing the healthiest plant-based kibble and treats for your dog. We work with a team of veterinarians, including Dr. May herself, to ensure that all the nutritional needs of your pup are met. Since 2005, v-dog has seen thousands of dogs of all shapes and sizes thrive on our plant-based diet."

Another Vet, Dr. Lorelei Wakefield is quoted by V-Dog's Instagram as saying: "All dogs can benefit from a vegan diet. Thanks to ten thousand years of evolution alongside humankind, dogs are now physiologically omnivores. This means they can thrive on a nutritionally balanced plant-based food, such as v-dog." -Dr. Wakefield. So if you're raising a pup, try it out and let us know if he or she is happy eating vegan. Be sure to consult with your vet to make sure that this diet is the right fit for your pet before you decide to make the switch.

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