Lewis Hamilton, the vegan Formula One Champion who was featured in The Game Changers, can't escape the cameras as he walks the runway to debut his new Spring 2020 collection. TommyXLewis is a collaboration between the athlete and Tommy Hilfiger and was London Fashion Week.

Earlier this month, Lewis Hamilton introduced his new collection to his followers on Instagram, highlighting that he designed the collection "without boundaries" and was proud to announce that "we've created our most sustainable collection yet."

The London native, who strives to live a vegan, sustainable lifestyle, incorporated this way of living when he designed the collection. Hamilton reported to WWD: "We’re trying to push everything, using modern fabrics—recycled cotton and denim, organic cotton, plant-based fabrics. All our down is vegan, and we just got an award for all the vegan shoes and boots we do.”

The clothing also nods to Hamilton's love for car racing; as British supermodel, Naomi Campbell led the cat-walk wearing an oversized, neon yellow, 'gender-free' jacket, inspired by Hamiltion's racing uniform and made with plant-based fabrics.

After the show, Hamilton shared his enthusiasm in his Instagram caption and concluded that last night was "lit" launching #TommyxLewis, and says he felt grateful for everyone's hard work.

What inspired Lewis Hamilton to create this new collection?

Like many of us, Hamilton wants to see designers take a more sustainable approach in the production of garments and the supply chain to lessen the carbon footprint. In his interview with WWD, Hamilton speaks about the not-so-glamorous truth of the fashion industry when he said: "As I started to go to these fashion shows I started to understand the impact that fashion would also have on our environment, which again, I wasn’t really fully aware of. Sometimes we are naive and it goes over your head. I started to dive into that and I realized there is an area that they have not pushed yet and not taken notice. We’ve just been pushing the team to find the right vendors, find new technology that’s out there, and just new ways of making the fabrics.”

Hamilton went on to note that he likes to buy clothing from thrift stores: “I used to always go to a local store. There was like a thrift store kind of thing in my town, which would have all of the secondhand, thirdhand, fourth-hand, backdated collections, and that is where I started to get Tommy stuff.”

Hamilton's fashion interest doesn't stop here: He wishes he met with Tommy Hilfiger earlier, because, they would have been "further ahead in the game." So, what can they do now to be ahead for next season? We are eager to see what else Hamitlion can bring to the runway in the coming years. 

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