This week's influencers are inspired by my recent trip to Los Angeles, a hub of entertainment, creativity, veganism, and sunshine. Between the beautiful weather, beaches and city streets, all of LA is a backdrop just waiting for IGs to be taken, even the flamingo pink walls outside of Paul Smith's store have become a main attraction where you will find at least ten people taking pictures in front of it.

There are tons of influencer events throughout the city where some people get paid thousands of dollars just to show up wearing a sponsored clothing brand or to hold a product that is paying them to pretend to love it. If you're an aspiring influencer, LA is the market for you, because the average influencer can make over $60,000 a year and the more popular you are, the higher the salary skyrockets.

I was fascinated to learn that one of my friends was a personal assistant for a famous YouTuber, which is hard work to make it all look so natural and organic. They even live in houses where groups of influencers and bloggers collaborate and create content for their fans all day long Now, you can ask yourself if influencers have become celebrities, who can you believe out there to bring you the real messaging, in an authentic way? We found five we love, who deliver their vegan daily inspiration while being true to themselves, as opposed to constantly pitching. Even when they do sponsorships they seem organic to their lifestyle.

You might be thinking of famous influencers like James Charles, Daisy Marquez, and Paula Galindo, but this list includes strictly vegan influencers and artists who will inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle by adding more plants to your plate.

1. Christian Collins @christiancollins: 23-year-old Musician and Plant-Eater

With 3.2 million Instagram followers and 2.1 million YouTube subscribers, Christian Collins is a well-known recording artist and when you listen to his bigger hit, You Don't Have To Go, it's clear he is one talented 23 year old. He is a plant-eater and an animal lover as he shows off his love for puppies throughout his Instagram feed. He just traveled to Thailand and used his trip to raise awareness about protecting elephants. Follow Christian to keep up with his adventurous journeys through life and get inspired to chase your dreams as a musician and a plant-eater.

2. Kat Von D @thekatvond: Celebrity Makeup Artist

Aside from being known as the best tattoo artist on the TLC reality show LA Ink, Kat Von D is a musician, author, entrepreneur of her popular cosmetics line, Kat Von D Beauty, and a committed vegan. After being vegetarian for years, she claims after watching the documentary Forks Over Knives she gave up dairy and never looked back.

In an interview by Mercy For Animals with the makeup artist herself, she explains, "Veganism changed me. It taught me to look past myself—to consider how my choices affect others—the animals, the people around me, and the planet we live on. To me, veganism is consciousness."

Kat Von D Beauty which is 100% vegan, and cruelty-free, is known for vibrantly colored lipsticks, eye shadow, and face makeup.  Personally, I am a big fan of the everlasting liquid lipstick in Lolita - Chestnut Rose, it's my go-to lip color! Follow her well-curated Instagram and get inspired to reach for vegan and cruelty-free makeup products.

3. Maria Gabriela De Faria @thefaria: Famous Actress and Vegan Activist

Maria is a Venezuelan actress, singer, and dancer known for appearing in Latin American television shows. She is a firm believer in well-being, living a green and sustainable lifestyle and eating a vegan diet, which she considers: "was the best decision of my life".

The 26-year-old actress reported to Modern Wellness Guide, “It made me faster and stronger than ever and gave me all the energy I needed to wake up at 4 a.m., work out, and then go on a 16-hour workday.”

Maria is fit and practices yoga by posting her flow routines on Instagram stories. She'll give you advice and tips on how to get started and be the best version of you.

4.  Ashley Wilke @Ashley_wilke: Yogi Blogger

Ashley is a fitness guru, yogi and hardcore vegan. She runs her own blog called The Ethical Beauty and talks a little bit about the website's start, saying, I was inspired to create The Ethical Beauty through my love of all things plant-based and cruelty-free! To me, being beautiful means showing compassion and empathy to all living creatures. I’m excited to share vegan foods, cruelty-free fashion and beauty products, and of course lots of animals with you!"

Ashley is either in the gym or cooking up a delicious vegan recipe that you can find on her blog or Instagram stories. Cheerful and passionate, Ashley will motivate you to be healthy and find confidence in your journey through life.

5. Mena Massoud @menamassoud: Vegan Entrepreneur and Famous Actor

You might know him as Aladdin from the live-action Disney film, but Mena Massoud is also the founder of Evolving Vegan, a judgment-free community encouraging society to live a vegan lifestyle. He sells products on his website like T-shirts, mugs, bags, and vegan food, like chocolate truffles. He is a passionate vegan and encourages his fans to take pride in following his move to help the planet, save the animals, and nourish our bodies with plants.

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