Fantasia Gives Birth to Baby Girl Keziah Shortly After Vegan Baby Shower

|Updated Jul 13, 2021

Fantasia Taylor Barrino and her husband Kendall Taylor are officially the parents of a new baby girl, Keziah, who was born on Sunday, May 23rd. The former American Idol star welcomed her "little Angel" to the public on Instagram with a beautiful picture wearing a cheetah-pattern dress and standing against an elephant, with heartfelt meaning.

Taylor wrote: "The Elephant is the animal I chose to surround @keziahlondontaylor with because it represents patience, strength, power and remembrance. Just a few of the qualities that her presence has brought into our lives and this world. We were patient waiting on you to enter this world and we will always remember the strength that it took for me and @salute1st to create something as powerful as your life itself. Happy Birthday to our little Angel 5-23-21 and may God keep and cover you for the rest of your days!"

Taylor also posted a street sign that read "Keziah" on her baby's Instagram account (@keziahlondontaylor) and captioned: "Guess who's Here," seen by the baby's 35.8k followers.

On Sunday, Kendall Taylor, the new father, wrote: "Today I experienced something that rewrote my personal definition of a Black Woman. To observe my Queen @tasiasword bring my little Angel @keziahlondontaylor into this world elevated my understanding and sense of pride, respect, and admiration for black women."

The couple has struggled with fertility for three years and in a 2020 interview with Tamron Hall, the star said it had been a difficult three-year journey to get pregnant. Taylor had undergone IVF treatments to help her conceive, she told Hall since she had a closed fallopian tube. So the birth of her daughter was what she deemed an act of faith leading them to joy.

Fantasia Taylor is Still Going Strong on Her Vegan Diet

Leading up to the pregnancy, Taylor shared details of her pregnancy cravings, which were all for vegan foods, and she told fans that she had given up meat and dairy over a year ago for health reasons. Her baby shower meanwhile was catered by a celebrity vegan chef, Chef Joya Courtney, and Fantasia has shared that Taylor cooked vegan for her and posted his creations for her with the hashtag #husbandswhocook.

When Tayor ate for two she shared her favorite dessert: A bowl of hot chocolate, marshmallows, almond whipped cream, topped with a drizzle of vegan chocolate and caramel. She added text on top of the photo that explained this was the dessert the baby liked.

Fantasia has a vegan baby shower

For the couple's baby shower, Taylor asked celebrity vegan chef, @ChefJoya to cater her dinner party with delicious, soul-food style vegan eats and chef delivered with what looks like mac and cheese, asparagus wrapped with a vegan protein, salads, and white chocolate dipped strawberries and pretzels for dessert. Chef Joya refers to herself as the "queen of transitioning meat-eaters" so most of the dishes were alternatives to chicken and beef, most likely made with seitan. In addition to In the scroll of food photos, Chef Joya also documented the couple dancing around and enjoying time with their family.

"She [Taylor] told me months ago that she would love to have me cater her Baby Shower, and the way it all came together was more then we could’ve ever anticipated," said Chef Joya on Instagram. Chef Joya kindly shared some of the recipes that were served at the shower, check them out here.

Before Taylor was pregnant, she cooked up a vegan storm in her kitchen with her loved ones. She shared a healthy vegan taco bowl dinner she whipped up with the help of Taylor and used the hashtag "#husbandswhocook" to imply she was proud of his work. The hard shell tortilla bowl included tomatoes, avocado, vegan cheese, and sour cream and is a delicious way to enjoy a healthy and affordable plant-based meal.

To learn about plant-based pregnancies contact your doctor and learn from Catherine Strawn, writer for The Beet who shared her experience having a healthy plant-based pregnancy. Cheers to Fantasia and Taylor and their beautiful baby girl!