JUST Egg reached an enormous milestone recently, selling the equivalent of 100 million eggs over the course of three years. JUST Egg debuted on the market in 2018, and since then the product’s popularity skyrocketed, become the perfect breakfast ingredients for plant-based eaters. The mung bean-derived folded and scrambled eggs come from the California-based food technology company Eat Just. Eat Just recently secured $200 million dollars in new funding, propelling the company’s financial backing and maintaining the momentum for its product’s popularity.

Eat Just rapidly expanded across the United States, setting its sights on international food companies and retailers after placing its products in nearly 20,000 retail points. As of now, approximately 1,000 foodservice locations now feature the JUST Egg on their menus. Earlier this year, a China-based fast-food restaurant named Dicos introduced the JUST egg to its menu. Although a large of restaurants in the US adopted the mung-bean Egg, the partnership with Dicos will be the first time a major quick-service restaurant will replace chicken-eggs with JUST Egg.

The company continues to expand its brand, partnering with Cuisine Solutions, the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of sous vide foods, and Peet’s Coffee to increase JUST egg’s accessibility. Cuisine Solutions will be manufacturing a line of JUST Egg Sous Vide products that will hit the market in the upcoming months, while the coffee chain will roll out a nationwide JUST Egg sandwich completed with exclusively plant-based ingredients.

The sustainable egg company recently entered the Canadian market, announcing that the folded egg product will soon be available in more than 1,000 grocery stores by April. This entrance into the market will also make the products available for foodservice companies and restaurants across Canada. Fast-casual chain Copper Branch has already teamed up with Eat Just, launching a Pumpernickel Bagel sandwich with multiple variations including the Field Roast Plant-Based Breakfast Patty & JUST Egg and the Tempeh Bacon & JUST Egg.

JUST Egg’s first range of products included a 12-ounce pourable mung-bean scramble and quickly followed it up with the release of a pre-folded JUST Egg in April 2020. The folded egg’s ease and accessibility propelled the product to become one of the top-selling frozen breakfast items.

Most recently, Eat Just has received an investment from the Qatar Investment Authority, giving the company $200 million to enhance the company’s research and development. Since 2011, Eat Just has raised $650 million, and meeting the 100 million egg equivalent milestone signals the company’s burgeoning demand and the growing likelihood that consumers worldwide will continue to propel it forward into further success.

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