Easy Cauliflower Steaks with Spiced Stir-Fried Cabbage

Why We Love It: This meal is easy to make and super healthy! Having it in “steaks” is just another fun way to present it. You can switch your oven to grill for the last five minutes of cooking it if you want the edges to go a nice toasted brown.

Serves 4


For the Cauliflower Steak

  • 1 head of cauliflower
  • 3 tablespoons coconut oil, melted

For the Caper Salsa

  • 1 cup parsley roughly chopped
  • ½ cup baby capers, drained
  • ¼ cup olive oil

For the Stir-Fried Spiced Cabbage

  • ¼ drumhead cabbage
  • 6 brussel sprouts
  • 2 teaspoons mustard seeds
  • 1 teaspoon ground turmeric
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • ¼ cup shredded coconut
  • Salt to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Spread half the coconut oil onto a baking tray.
  2. Holding the cauliflower on the stalk, slice into thick one inch “steaks”. Drizzle the rest of the coconut oil over the other side of the cauliflower.
  3. Cook in the oven for 35 minutes, or until the sides are browning.
  4. Meanwhile, mix the salsa dressing ingredients in a medium bowl and place aside.
  5. Thinly slice the cabbage and Brussels sprouts. To serve it warm, wait until the cauliflower is almost ready, and then in a large wok, heat the coconut oil and mustard seeds for a couple of minutes.
  6. Add the sliced cabbage and sprouts and mix through the turmeric and salt to taste. Cook for around 3 minutes, until the mix, is glazed.
  7. Serve with the other dishes. If you need to make this meal more hearty, serve with a side of brown rice.

Nutrition Notes:

Calories 352,Protein; 30g Fat; 20g Carbohydrate; 15.5g Sat. Fat; 8g Fiber; 7.5g Sugar; 235% Vitamin C

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