Creamy Vegan Horchata Liqueur is Now Available In the US

|Updated May 17, 2021
Instagram / @licor43global

Spain-based Zamora Company is bringing its popular vegan liqueur to retailers across the United States. The dairy-free Licor43 Horchata is a creamy liqueur that brings consumers everything they desire in a rich liqueur with no dairy, mirroring the silky texture by using tiger nut milk mixed with cinnamon and lemon. Licor43 Horchata contains 16 percent alcohol by volume and is inspired by traditional Valencian horchata without any animal products.

“For people who enjoy Licor43, and for those who appreciate the taste of high-quality cream liqueurs, we’re very excited to introduce Licor43 Horchata here in the US,” CEO of Zamora Company USA Bill Corbett. “Licor43 Horchata provides a much-needed dairy-free and vegan option among cream liqueurs, a growing category that has experienced considerable recent consumer interest.”

Zamora’s Licor43 Horochata was initially known as Orochata and originally contained animal products. The company decided to reinvent its renowned liqueur to be fully vegan in 2020 once realizing the upward trend in plant-based consumption. The newly formed alcoholic beverage was released with the slogan “I’m so vegan, I don’t even call my boyfriend honey.”

Zamora’s Licor43 will become the first plant-based liqueur to use a tiger nut milk base. Known commonly as earth almonds, tiger nuts have gained popularity due to their nutritional and healthy qualities. The tiger nut is rich in fiber, vitamin E, and plant compounds known to strengthen the immune system.

Licor43 Horchata is just the latest vegan liqueur to hit the US market. Over recent years, several vegan cream liqueurs have emerged to fill the gap for plant-based alcoholic beverages. Beginning in 2016, Baileys revealed its Almande Almondmilk Liqueur to provide consumers with an accessible substitute for Baileys Irish cream. Although the first recipe contains Beeswax and received subsequent criticism, the company reformulated the recipe to make sure that its product was completely cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

The market will also see a new oat-based liqueur arriving from the Finnish gin company Arctic Blue Beverages. The company will debut its Arctic Blue Oat this summer, which will become the first oat-based vegan gin liqueur. Boasting its low carbon footprint and cruelty-free manufacturing, the company hopes that its oat milk liqueur will capitalize on the spiking consumer demand for the alternative milk.