Vegan cheeses are popping up on the market left and right since increasingly more consumers are giving up dairy and opting for healthier alternatives made with nuts, oats, or seeds. While vegan cheeses are available in every different flavor like "Pepperjack" and "Mozarella", we bet you've never seen plant-based cheese quite like this Texas brand makes it.

Mindful Motral Cheese, a queer-owed vegan shop located in Denton Texas, is the creator of these skull-shaped vegan cheeses, and with Halloween fast approaching, there couldn't be better timing. Each skull weighs 4 to 5-ounces and is available in cheddar and mozzarella. Depending on how you like your cheese, skulls can come shredded, sliced, or cubed and will cost $8 for one or $15 for two. “We started perfecting our recipes until we had two delicious skulls that we wanted to share with the community," says the owners. To place an order, email or send them a direct message on Instagram.

Besides their bestselling cheese skulls, the shop plans to create a new vegan cheese to rival the spookiness of their skulls. Owners Emily Sanchez and Aspen Carter are working towards a cashew cheese that looks like human brains, inspired by horror films. Sanchez also says she "hopes to eventually sell allergen-free vegan cheese without tree nuts or soy."

The owners added: “In the near future, we hope to create allergen-friendly vegan cheese along with other exciting flavors. We just started a GoFundMe to expand in the next year in order to be able to ship across the United States.” Mindful Mortal Cheese, which was founded in the middle of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, looks to grow as their popularity has risen, and seeks to do this with crowdfunding, which will "cover inventory and shipping supplies, facility rental costs, research into sustainable packaging, the development of new flavors (including allergen-friendly products), and marketing resources," according to their GoFundMe.

If you live in the Denton, TX area you can place orders by direct messaging Mindful Mortal Cheese on Instagram or emailing them at

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